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*Continual Service Improvement Manager (CSI) job in Kansas City, MO

*Continual Service Improvement Manager (CSI)

Department: Operations Job Location: Kansas City, MO
Position Type: Skilled Reports To: Director Managed Client Services
Job Category: Operations
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The Continual Service Improvement Manager position will be responsible for aspects of the Operations Center that involve day to day activities as well as proactive strategic execution. This position aligns in the functionality and spirit of ITIL from the standpoint of continuous service improvement initiatives. This position will focus on four main categories and the CSI Manager will be responsible for identifying Continual Service Improvement in all four categories:

  •   Corporate Change Manager: responsible for the all-inclusive change process ensuring that the LT change process is followed per procedures. Analyze all aspects   including metrics to provide process improvements
  •   Automation Program Manager: Executing initiatives that automate day to day functions of   the Operations Center
  •   Problem Manager Process Owner: As defined via ITIL.  Lead initiatives that will react to existing problems and then facilitate working teams to resolve those problems to avoid future impacts to LT or clients.
  •   Metrics Design, Collation and Analysis: Obtain data pertaining to the functions and output results of the Operations Center and collate them into an executive level format and conduct analysis to turn such data into information that can increase Client Satisfaction, reduce unnecessary business activities and improve overall efficiency

This position will work closely with Operation Center leadership to develop business strategies that will improve service support and client experience through perpetual process improvement and enhancement while aligning with ITIL quality best practice methodologies. This position will need to share the Layered Tech vision and align the quality and process efforts to achieve corporate goals and objectives


Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities

  •   The CSI Manager will be responsible for compiling the provided monthly raw data from ERP into the Raw Data File and updating subsequent graphs for historical trending purposes
  •   The CSI Manager will be accountable for collating data from the raw metrics file into the Executive Presentation on a   monthly basis
  •   The CSI Manager will be accountable for performing trend analysis on metrics to provide information to assist   stakeholders in continually driving improvements.
  •   The CSI Manager will be responsible for the Change Control process and ensuring compliance with related processes   including CAB, and process improvements
  •   The CSI Manager will be consulted on initiatives that improve the client experience
  •   The CSI Manager will be responsible for leading efforts to improve proactive client support by being the point person   for Problem Management
  •   The CSI Manager will be responsible for leading efforts to improve efficiency by facilitating programs directly tied to automation.
  •   The CSI Manager will be responsible for providing information to stakeholders for the purposes of process improvement
  •   The CSI Manager will be consulted by stakeholders on information or data requests and analysis for process   improvements for groups within the Operations Center.


Job Requirements

Job Requirements

  •   Insert raw data information into the Operations Center Raw Data Metrics file on a monthly basis and updating trending graphs within the subsequent spreadsheet.
  •   On a monthly basis update the Executive Presentation with collated data and graphs from the metrics file
  •   Hold regular meetings with stakeholders on information derived from the metrics file for the purposes of process improvement and in support of client satisfaction.
  •   Hold   daily CAB meetings to review, approve and communicate change control as outlined in ITIL.
  •   Provide educated input on items that will have a direct impact on the experience that our clients encounter
  •   Hold regular meetings with stakeholders on information resulting from Problem Management analysis
  •   Hold  regular meetings with stakeholders to brainstorm, summarize, prioritize initiatives that will improve automation in the Operations Center.
  •   Take  part in initiatives driven by stakeholders to accumulate, analyze and produce information to support process improvements for the Operations Center.
  •   Other duties as assigned

Critical Skills

Critical Skills

  •   Previous enterprise, IT or service provider experience at Tier 2 or above level
  •   Ability to quickly adapt to advancing technologies and procedural changes
  •   Proven knowledge of incident and problem solving techniques with an emphasis on a timely communication
  •   Ability to coordinate and communicate effectively with other technologists and business partners to maintain high

Stakeholder equity

  •   Ability to work well in team environment
  •   Excellent verbal, written and analytical skills
  •   Hands on experience with one or more of the following:
  •   PowerPoint
  •   Word
  •   Excel
  •   AnswerTrack
  •   Pivot Tables

Education / Experience


  •   Associates Degree or equivalent education in related fields / or 5 years’ experience in related field
  •   3+ years’ experience working in IT Service Provider industry at enterprise level
  •   ITIL Foundation Training / Certification (Certification required for management roles)

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