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Layered Tech Customers Pass 100 Percent of Compliance Audits Since Industry’s Only Compliance Guarantee Launched Six Months Ago

September 27, 2012

Plano, Texas – Compliance GuaranteedLayered Technologies, Inc. (@LayeredTech), a leading global provider of compliant and secure cloud and hosting services supporting mission-critical e-business applications, today reported that its compliant hosting customers have passed 100 percent of every compliance audit since Compliance Guaranteed was introduced more than six months ago.

Layered Tech is the only managed services provider to back its Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance services with Compliance Guaranteed, which promises that compliance customers will pass every IT audit or assessment sanctioned by the relevant industry or regulatory entity 100 percent of the time. Layered Tech also provides FISMA-compliant hosting via its recent acquisition of NEW WORLD APPS, Inc.

“Every single audit that we’ve undertaken since introducing Compliance Guaranteed at the beginning of this year has passed, and without a doubt, Layered Tech is meeting and exceeding all compliance and security needs on behalf of our clients,” said Jeff Reich, chief risk officer at Layered Tech. “The only thing more amazing than our guarantee’s perfect performance is the fact that Layered Tech is the only compliant hosting company to guarantee its services. Unfortunately, even the world’s largest hosting providers don’t see compliance and security as a core part of their business. Only Layered Tech has had the confidence and commitment to guarantee its compliance services.”

Layered Tech utilizes a combination of more than 10 advanced security tools, robust system log management, and rigorous ITIL-based processes to support the hundreds of compliance controls required by the payment card and healthcare markets. As part of its compliance services, Layered Tech handles 83 percent of the HIPAA and 100 percent of the PCI-DSS IT controls.

About Layered Tech

Layered Technologies (Layered Tech), a leading global provider of compliant and secure cloud and hosting services, supporting mission-critical e-business applications, offers PCI-, HIPAA- and FISMA-compliant hosting solutions, managed dedicated hosting and cloud computing services, including Compliance Guaranteed, which ensures that all Layered Tech compliance services are guaranteed to pass 100 percent of every IT audit or assessment. By providing high-quality technology, infrastructure and support, Layered Tech enables clients to eliminate capital expenses and save on operating costs so they can focus on core initiatives. Layered Tech’s scalable infrastructure powers millions of sites and Internet-enabled applications, including e-commerce and SaaS. Clients include federal, state and local government agencies; large enterprises with advanced data security, compliance and uptime requirements; and leading-edge Web 2.0 startups. For more information, visit

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