A New Voice from a Microsoft

When I went to the LTPact convention in Las Vegas earlier this year, I saw a group of enthusiastic partners and a company that wants them to succeed.  At that event, I was able to meet both Michael Platner and Karen Sesona and as Microsoft is also a partner with Layered Technologies, we wanted to find ways to work better together.  As an evangelist for Microsoft’s Communications Sector, I am tasked with explaining Microsoft’s latest technologies and we came up with the idea of guest-blogging here on the Layered Tech Community Blog.  Although I have a blog already at http://blogs.msdn.com/synergist, we thought that the hosting vendors that Layered Tech supports would be a great community to get hooked into. 

I will be participating in this blog as a guest blogger and welcome any feedback – good and bad - about Microsoft’s products and services.  My team and I will also be watching the Layered Tech Forums to answer questions that arise from web hosting with Microsoft’s technologies.

One of the technologies that I have been talking alot about is Silverlight, Microsoft’s cross-platform browser plug-in for Media Playback and Rich Internet Applications.  This is applicable to Web Hosting companies because the technology is totally server-agnostic: you could host your Silverlight application and media on any server that you want: IIS, LAMP, Sun, UNIX, etc.  I have written extensively on my blog about Silverlight and I would love to talk to web hosting companies about the specific issues for them around hosting Silverlight content and applications:

  • streaming vs progressive download
  • MIME Types
  • Integrating with Web Analytics
  • Media formats. 
  • Additional services that you can offer around Silverlight

Are you interested in attending a LiveMeeting webinar later this month (September 2007) about Silverlight for Web Hosting companies? 

If so, please send me a message.