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Should you redesign an app for the Cloud?

I recently visited with SearchCloudProvider’s Dina Gerdeman about 3 important factors to consider when weighing the options of migrating/redesigning for the Cloud. Read the full article here: Cloud application architectures: When to redesign an app for the cloud

Take a Sneak Peek at our Next-Gen Secure Cloud

We will be announcing a next generation secure cloud platform shortly. I want to give you some insight of our thoughts around cloud and security.

Secure Cloud Platform Sneak PeekCustomers are often faced with choosing between greater business agility or highly secure and compliant-ready environments. We do not think this is a fair trade-off. No customer should be forced to forgo the full promise of cloud to achieve running in a secure and compliant environment. Nor should a client need to sort through piles of log data to keep themselves compliant when outsourcing to a cloud service provider. We are addressing this very quandary.

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CA Announces AppLogic 3.0

This week CA Technologies announced Applogic 3.0. This comes after VMware announced vCloud Director 1.5 and Citrix acquired This was an exciting month of events for the leading Cloud OS platforms. This is interesting to Layered Tech and our customers because this illustrates the rapid maturing of cloud platform technologies. It exemplifies that these technologies initially targeted to service providers like Layered Tech are also adopting many of the capabilities enterprises are looking for to build out private, hybrid and secure multi-tenant cloud environments.

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