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Microsoft Silverlight for Web Hosting Companies

I’d like to announce an upcoming webcast session that I’ll be presenting on Silverlight for Web Hosting Companies:

  • What: Microsoft Silverlight For Web Hosting Companies
  • When: Friday, September 28th, 2007, 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM Pacific Time
  • Where: Microsoft LiveMeeting over the internet
  • Why: Demand is growing for media hosting & streaming and rich interactive applications on the internet and web hosting companies need to understand the implications for them.


Silverlight, Microsoft’s new cross-platform web browser technology for media playback and rich internet applications (RIAs) represents a great opportunity for Web Hosters to differentiate themselves and provider new services to their customers. Since Silverlight is a browser technology, it is server-agnostic and can be hosted on a variety of server platforms: LAMP, UNIX, and IIS. This talk will focus on the specific needs of Web Hosting vendors and how they can take advantage of this new technology. Here are some topics that will be addressed:

  • Integrating with Web Analytics
  • MIME Types
  • Media Types
  • Streaming vs. Progressive download
  • Additional Services around RIA construction

I hope to see you there!

Are there any other topics that come to mind that you would like to learn about related to Silverlight and web hosting?

A New Voice from a Microsoft

When I went to the LTPact convention in Las Vegas earlier this year, I saw a group of enthusiastic partners and a company that wants them to succeed.  At that event, I was able to meet both Michael Platner and Karen Sesona and as Microsoft is also a partner with Layered Technologies, we wanted to find ways to work better together.  As an evangelist for Microsoft’s Communications Sector, I am tasked with explaining Microsoft’s latest technologies and we came up with the idea of guest-blogging here on the Layered Tech Community Blog.  Although I have a blog already at, we thought that the hosting vendors that Layered Tech supports would be a great community to get hooked into. 

I will be participating in this blog as a guest blogger and welcome any feedback – good and bad - about Microsoft’s products and services.  My team and I will also be watching the Layered Tech Forums to answer questions that arise from web hosting with Microsoft’s technologies.

One of the technologies that I have been talking alot about is Silverlight, Microsoft’s cross-platform browser plug-in for Media Playback and Rich Internet Applications.  This is applicable to Web Hosting companies because the technology is totally server-agnostic: you could host your Silverlight application and media on any server that you want: IIS, LAMP, Sun, UNIX, etc.  I have written extensively on my blog about Silverlight and I would love to talk to web hosting companies about the specific issues for them around hosting Silverlight content and applications:

  • streaming vs progressive download
  • MIME Types
  • Integrating with Web Analytics
  • Media formats. 
  • Additional services that you can offer around Silverlight

Are you interested in attending a LiveMeeting webinar later this month (September 2007) about Silverlight for Web Hosting companies? 

If so, please send me a message.