CA Announces AppLogic 3.0

This week CA Technologies announced Applogic 3.0. This comes after VMware announced vCloud Director 1.5 and Citrix acquired This was an exciting month of events for the leading Cloud OS platforms. This is interesting to Layered Tech and our customers because this illustrates the rapid maturing of cloud platform technologies. It exemplifies that these technologies initially targeted to service providers like Layered Tech are also adopting many of the capabilities enterprises are looking for to build out private, hybrid and secure multi-tenant cloud environments.

Today, Layered Tech utilizes both CA Technologies AppLogic and VMware vSphere to provide unique multitenant and private cloud hosting services to our customers. We have long standing relationships with both companies and are one of the original adopters of 3Tera AppLogic before server virtualization, orchestration and automation was called Cloud.  As one of the early adopters of the AppLogic 1.0 platform, we have a unique insight and relationship with CA Technologies. I would like to share a few thoughts regarding the latest release.

The CA AppLogic 3.0 cloud computing platform continues its focus to innovate on the application deployment layer with its intuitive drag and drop application deployment interface. The visual interface, which is the hallmark of AppLogic, continues to differentiate this platform from the others. AppLogic enables complete deployment of entire application environments including virtual load balancers, firewalls, web servers, application server and databases in a single motion.

Among significant new enhancements, AppLogic has added the capability to support:

1)      vLAN tagging to further enable private networking and VPN;

2)      Role-based user access to further separate observers, operators, admins and owners access levels and to improve security;

3)      Support of OVF (Open Virtualization Format) standard to facilitate the import of Xen and VMware workloads from outside the Cloud;

4)      Enhanced cloud operation with the global fabric controller to further automate the maintenance and addition of resources and the enrichment of usage metering capabilities

These are interesting enhancements, and enable a broader set of use cases for our customers with privacy requirement and who want to migrate VMware and Xen environments to the cloud.

Our broad portfolio of managed hosting services includes on-demand multi-tenant cloud services, dedicated virtual and physical environment, and compliance services. With the AppLogic platform we offer Virtual Private Servers (VPS) which is a multi-tenant public cloud with on-demand user portal, and Virtual Private Data Centers (VPDC), which are dedicated cloud environments and give you complete customization and admin access.  In addition, we offer additional cloud services to meet enterprise high availability and compliance challenges.

Layered Tech applauds the advancements by CA Technologies, VMware and Citrix and we remain dedicate to offering the latest best of breed technologies with excellent service and support.

Kevin Van Mondfrans, VP of Product ManagementAbout the Author: As Vice President of Product Management at Layered Tech, Kevin Van Mondfrans (@VANMONDFRANS | +Kevin Van Mondfrans) is responsible for driving the Layered Tech portfolio of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and managed service offerings. With more than 20 years of experience product development and marketing, Kevin has been delivering innovative computing, storage, cloud and service offering with companies such as HP, Dell, and Savvis.

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