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Capturing Conversions: Why Milliseconds Matter to the Bottom Line

There’s an old saying we all deal with every day: time is money. On the Internet, money can be measured pretty well by one important metric: page load time. Research has shown consistently that user experience is important and functionality is useful, but nothing will cause a customer to jump ship quicker than a slow website.

In fact, Microsoft claims that 250 milliseconds can be the difference between a return customer and an abandoned checkout cart.

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Layered Tech Announces Affiliate Referral Program

Affiliates referring new customers earn 30% commission, with potential to earn thousands per sale 

Plano, TX (February 27, 2008) – Layered Technologies, a leading worldwide provider of “on demand” IT infrastructure, announces today their new Affiliate Program which provides partners with unlimited earning potential. All of Layered Technologies’ offerings, from traditional hosting packages to true Grid-cluster computing solutions (which are simple to use and easy to scale as business demands grow) are eligible for commissions under the new program.

Layered Technologies’ Affiliate Program provides partners with a significant earning opportunity. When an affiliate partner refers a new customer via a Web link, they will receive a one-time 30% commission based on the new customer’s monthly recurring revenue. With Layered Technologies’ grid solutions routinely costing $4,000 or more, affiliates have the ability to earn in excess of $1,200 per order with no cap on earnings. 

Unlike competing programs, Layered Technologies offers full sales support for its Affiliate Program, including Live Chat and Phone-based support with a professional sales staff.  All back-end tracking and management technology is provided by, a leading affiliate management solution. 

“Our Affiliate Program is designed to reward clients for their valued referrals, as well as to welcome new partners who wish to ensure Web visitors will be treated professionally by the most capable hosting provider in the industry,” said John Pozadzides, CMO of Layered Technologies.  “We believe the combination of commissions and close sales support offers earning opportunities greater than any other program in the industry.” 

Registration for Layered Technologies’ Affiliate Program is simple. Affiliates can register at: by selecting the “Join NOW” link.  Affiliates will be directed through a simple 5 step sign – up process that will enable affiliates to begin earning commission payments from their Web site within minutes.  The company has also pledged to work with partners to produce customized affiliate banners that blend effectively into a variety of Web sites. 

For additional information on Layered Technologies, please visit >>

Invasion of the iPhone

So the Apple iPhone has had it’s big entry into this new world, and I guess the big question will now be – is it all that, was it worth the wait?

I was surprised to drive along many streets in Dallas, TX and see long lines of people, tents pitched, vendors serving food in front of and around every Cingular store.  Even more surprising was to hear of people trying to buy their way into line, or bribe others already in line for their spot, or to make the purchase of two additional iPhones for them.  I guess that is Capitalism at it’s best!!

One thing that has intrigued me about the iPhone since I first began seeing the ads and reading about it was how it really ties together all the parts of the new economy and wraps these into a small hand-held device – this is not to say, there have not been multitudes of other hand-held devices, the likes of the Blackberry, Treo et, al, but there is just something more intriguing, it has a certain “coolness” factor about it…

Apple seems to have done a great job from the marketing side – the iPhone has been conveyed as a “conduit”, to bring together many of these new economy elements, what I will call the ”5 C’s” – Connection, Communication, Content, Commerce, Colloboration and I guess we will add a 6th C, “coolness”.  (iTunes, YouTube, Video’s, E-mail, SMS, Built in Search, OSX) – more to come…

As with many hot new items and tech gadgets the curb appeal will wear off, however you have to admit, if Apple’s stats are correct and they have sold over 520,000 in the first 3 days at 60% margin they will not be suffering am time soon.

Do I have one?  Not yet, but I will most likely look beyond the $499 price point and bite the bullet. 

Many of our employees are now trying to convince me here at Layered Technologies why they need to switch out the company issued device.  I ask them how it will help them do there job more efficiently and effectively? 

To date I have not been convinced how it will change the world, but anyone that has one might tell you differently.

 We will see….

Designing SaaS or Web 2.0 apps? Get to market faster and scale further with Layered Technologies’ the GridLayer Enablement Program

The GridLayer Enablement Program

Layered Technologies is the SaaS / Web 2.0 enabler: recognized as an industry leader; with a large investment in utility infrastructure and a substantial and active customer base of providers. We are in the business day-to-day, actively supporting SaaS/Web2.0 companies. We provide technology that gives our clients a pay for use financial asset that is significant and transformational for their companies and investors. Our aim is to help them deliver SaaS and Web2.0 offerings to the market years ahead of the competition. 

For companies interested in porting their applications to TGL we are now offering a unique TGL Technology Enablement Program. The GridLayer Enablement Program is where the magic happens – where people, ideas and technology come together. The Enablement program gives access and advice. Your CEOs, CFO, CTO, IT Directors and Managers team up with our Engineers, Architects, and Specialists to discuss the porting of new or existing SaaS or Web2.0 application to TGL utility computing. The outcomes:

Deployment: The GridLayer is easily deployed in a highly scalable online service in under 60 days, at a fraction of the cost of a managed hosting provider. 

Reduce Risk: Completely eliminate the complexity and risk of building a multi-tenant application.

Application control: Gain complete control of your application to deliver SaaS offerings to market ahead of the competition.

The GridLayer Enablement Program will be different for each company that participates. Contact us if you are interested in porting a SaaS or Web2.0 product (or one under development) to the TGL. We can help you move your project ahead with an Enablement Road Map incorporating utility computing resources, expert technical and business planning advice.

For more information email or call at 469-252-3490.