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No Go. Co-Lo. @ Web 2.0


I was extremely excited to attend the Web 2.0 event in San Francisco this year, even though I’m just getting around to organizing a few thoughts to share.

Recently while mingling at the Web 2.0 event in San Francisco, I realized just how many extremely tech-savvy folks are still unaware of the benefits, or even the existence, of the Layered Technologies’ Virtual Datacenter platform.  Most are still utilizing colocated or managed dedicated infrastructure, and suffering through the old issues such as expensive hardware costs, inflexible configurations, and lack of scalability.

As a realist I recognize that getting the message out is difficult amidst a sea of other top tier providers who are stuck with their massive investments in non-virtualized infrastructure.  They simply don’t want the Layered Technologies message to reach the market.

Their desire to squeeze profitability out of old-fashioned architecture isn’t going to stop us from evangelizing the message! We are constantly looking for best practices and working hard to find a way to deliver them to our loyal clients. That’s why we created the Grid Layer, why we are introducing a Solaris offering, and why you can expect a VM Ware utility offering this month. We do not see ourselves as a mere host, but rather as an infrastructure partner to our customers.

Please feel free to drop comments here if you have other needs or ideas for ways to remove the barriers to getting your apps connected and scaling the easy way.

And thanks for the business! ~ Micael Platner, CEO, Layered Technologies

Show Me Your Schwag

drugsschwaygif.gif NO…           schwag_promoitemsjpg.jpg YES…


Lets discuss schwag (also swag). The urban dictionary online defines it as :  1.very low grade marijuana—looks real but “doesn’t get you high” , and 2. free stuff given to employees, workers.


The most popular definition , however, is that its the stuff they give you at trade shows—logo junk, chachkies. I guess I understand the genesis of the term as applied to promo items– —low grade, cheepo stuff that looks good when you get it but doesn’t really do much. Seems as though the civilized commercial world has long used schwag; supposedly in medieval times, armor makers gave out free, name-engraved wooden pegs so customers could hang up their goods.  


Recently, we gave out some LT schwag at our LTPACT event. T shirts, sun visors, caps, coolies, a beer glass, pens, memory sticks, something that lights up. It was a variety of stuff that really kind of fit the definition , maybe a bit too literally. I have long thought that we should have some really good Layered Tech schwag to give away. Admittedly its an oxymoron, “really good schwag”, but then again, so is “jumbo shrimp” , and I love those. So—we want to find the jumbo shrimp of schwag.

Yes—I know, I definitely have more pressing matters and work to do than think about LT schwag. But then again, I have the most fun doing this job when I am thinking about things that get customers , building relationships, and generally spreading smiles and great technology. I promise my next blog to be more serious.


For this one, here is my current list of schwag I don’t like, schwag I do like, ideas for new schwag, and my hope that those reading here will submit their ideas for what great schwag for Layered Tech customers should or could look like.


Schwag I don’t like:


> almost anything plastic—why would anyone want that to represent their brand anyway?
> badly fitting tee shirts –too short, funky sholders, very thin weight
> poorly writing pens –also see no. 1
> shot glasses, mugs, other drinking things—I don’t need one or 2 of any drinkware with someone else’s name in it—even if it lights up.
> keychains—am I really gonna change my keychain for you?

Schwag I like:


> luggage tags with my card sealed in it.
> metal flashlights—I can use those everywhere, after all I live in hurricane country.
> toys for my kids that they can play with for more than 10 seconds, more than 2 times.
> books –reading and learning is a decent brand association and shows respect—they think I will read it-and maybe I even will! And best part, I probably won’t throw it away.
> underwear briefs—if it feels good I will wear it and the messaging opportunities are endless (I did this once and people were asking me for underwear still years later).
> any useful tools. 
New Schwag ideas:
> finger sized 100 gig flash memory stick—lets finally get with the program.
> prepaid credit voucher ( beware hidden agenda—I have a patent pending on online gift certificates!).
> flavored caffeine pills (could be great before a workout!).
> magic card deck –make me a hero.
> noise reducing headphones—we all know that the markup on those is outrageous. 


But wait—is it possible to deliver online schwag?  Good schwag has to last at least long enough to remind you of the brand a few times. Any ideas? No promises here, but a good idea here might be our next LT Schwag!

Best Wishes for your schwag quest. ~ Michael