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VIDEO: Yes, Nerds Can Rap

In response to Layered Tech’s Summer Santa Sale and our “Win a FREE Server Contest” (see details below), one of LT’s valued customers, Timothy Brown, created the following video for us. Check it out!


View video at: 

“Here’s a little freestyle nerdcore for you guys.” by Timothy Brown

Song Lyrics:  timb here, kickin’ it a little freestyle, hah hah, let’s rap!  Santa needs to know what we seek!  But we be wantin’ bandwidth cause’ we’re geeks!  1500 GB, yo that’s weak!   We be needin’ megabytes, ya hear me speak?  10 Mbit+ for the max peak!   Yea, Yea, Yea!I like big butts and also free servers!   My homies at LT know I deserve this.   Chris, Cheri, Todd and the rest.   You be gettin’ down cause you’re the best.   I be rappin’ nerdcore without protest.   Wearin’ swag from the ’06 fest.   [ Timothy Brown ] 

He is now entered into LT’s July Contest (Win a FREE Server).  Are your creative juices flowing?  If yes, send us your wish list, pics, video, lyrics, poems and more to:  

Summer Santa Sale (Insane Specials) and Monster Contest (Win a FREE Server)  Learn more >>  

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