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Inherent Trust in the Cloud – ISACA Update

ISACA Silicon Valley ChapterI attended the ISACA Silicon Valley chapter 2012 Summer Conference, Enabling Trust: Business in the Cloud, on August 23rd and 24th.  Some of the organizations presenting included Qualys, SurveyMonkey, EMC Consulting, StrongAuth, Allgress, PwC, Apollo Group, iStreet Solutions, Check Point Software Technologies and Layered Tech.

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Take a Sneak Peek at our Next-Gen Secure Cloud

We will be announcing a next generation secure cloud platform shortly. I want to give you some insight of our thoughts around cloud and security.

Secure Cloud Platform Sneak PeekCustomers are often faced with choosing between greater business agility or highly secure and compliant-ready environments. We do not think this is a fair trade-off. No customer should be forced to forgo the full promise of cloud to achieve running in a secure and compliant environment. Nor should a client need to sort through piles of log data to keep themselves compliant when outsourcing to a cloud service provider. We are addressing this very quandary.

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Blog Series: Reducing Risk with PCI-Compliant and Secure Community Clouds

By Jeff Reich, Chief Risk Officer, Layered Tech

It seems almost daily a new report emerges detailing how a company suffered a data security breach, resulting in the release of sensitive data for hundreds of people.  To help guard against these attacks, companies can become PCI compliant, but it is not an easy goal to achieve and does not guarantee complete and total security.  As an alternative, community clouds provided through third-party resources like Layered Tech offer security options and a path to compliance without the cost and labor issues present with in-house systems.

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