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Migration: One of the Most Overlooked Service Capabilities of a Cloud Provider

There has been a great deal of innovation around automated provisioning, scaling and decommissioning of cloud services in the past couple of years. The primary driver of this innovation is the ability to easily consume cloud services and pay only for the services that are being used. Creating cloud servers and appliances has become a remedial task to the end user with point-and-click provisioning being performed via slick web portals, while modern day cloud orchestration systems do the heavy lifting on the backend provisioning of the services that were ordered.

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E-Pay Innovator Drives Mobile Commerce in Developing Countries

It was a pleasure to serve as a judge for the e-Pay Innovation award at the recent ETA Expo in New Orleans, LA.  The winner of the $10,000 award was Trak for developing technology aimed at moving Brazil’s population from a paper payment system to a more efficient electronic format.

The ETA Technology Committee oversaw the event, which was part of the 2013 Annual Event and Expo in New Orleans. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provided funding for the winner of the e-Pay Innovation Award and offered scholarships for several startup companies to exhibit in the Payments Next Zone section of the Expo.
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[FREE Passes] Calling All Microsoft Developers!

pdcmicrosoftbillgatesjpgOn the road again… Layered Tech is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the MSDN Developer Conference series. We are officially on the road with Microsoft and will be in the following cities in the coming months: Houston, TX (12-9-08 done), Chicago, IL (1-13-09), Dallas, TX (1-26-09) and San Francisco, CA (2-19-09).
Come and hear all of the exciting announcements around the Azure Services Platform and Windows 7. Also learn about the latest developments in .NET, Silverlight, Surface, Parallel Programming, Live Mesh, and more. Stop by the Layered Tech booth and check out some of the great show specials! See show details

0808_free_passWith that, you’re invited to join us! 

Request your FREE attendee pass for these events at

A New Voice from a Microsoft

When I went to the LTPact convention in Las Vegas earlier this year, I saw a group of enthusiastic partners and a company that wants them to succeed.  At that event, I was able to meet both Michael Platner and Karen Sesona and as Microsoft is also a partner with Layered Technologies, we wanted to find ways to work better together.  As an evangelist for Microsoft’s Communications Sector, I am tasked with explaining Microsoft’s latest technologies and we came up with the idea of guest-blogging here on the Layered Tech Community Blog.  Although I have a blog already at, we thought that the hosting vendors that Layered Tech supports would be a great community to get hooked into. 

I will be participating in this blog as a guest blogger and welcome any feedback – good and bad - about Microsoft’s products and services.  My team and I will also be watching the Layered Tech Forums to answer questions that arise from web hosting with Microsoft’s technologies.

One of the technologies that I have been talking alot about is Silverlight, Microsoft’s cross-platform browser plug-in for Media Playback and Rich Internet Applications.  This is applicable to Web Hosting companies because the technology is totally server-agnostic: you could host your Silverlight application and media on any server that you want: IIS, LAMP, Sun, UNIX, etc.  I have written extensively on my blog about Silverlight and I would love to talk to web hosting companies about the specific issues for them around hosting Silverlight content and applications:

  • streaming vs progressive download
  • MIME Types
  • Integrating with Web Analytics
  • Media formats. 
  • Additional services that you can offer around Silverlight

Are you interested in attending a LiveMeeting webinar later this month (September 2007) about Silverlight for Web Hosting companies? 

If so, please send me a message.