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Comments by Todd Abrams, President of Layered Techs on "The Grid Layer" (TGL)

“The GridLayer” (TGL):
- is a collection of backbones which are used to hold anywhere up to 48 servers which are then used to build private Grids of  4 nodes to up to 32 nodes.
- allows for rapid deployment of utility based services and platforms with scalable CPU, memory and storage.
- allows administrators to design, edit, configure, and control multi-tier applications using the intuitive web based drag and drop editor.
- clients who provide web hosting services can use the same CPanel or DirectAdmin, just like on dedicated servers. 

Grid-based solutions empower administrators with basically the ease of flipping a light switch in order to plan, build, migrate and deploy entire internet based infrastructures.

Applications running on the TGL can scale from 1 to 32 servers without rewriting the entire application code. In the case of a down hardware node, APPLogic will automatically reprovision the appliance and IP resources to the next available node to allow for quick recovery with no human intervention.

Think of TGL being like an Electric Power Utility Company where each user pays for the different types of power they consume.  There are different classed of grids some more powerful than the others.  With TGL, customers pay for the on-demand CPU, network, server and storage capacity utilized. Plus, TGL provides clients ultimately with more flexible hosting options. 

For customers wanting more than a traditional dedicated server, they will be able to purchase the specific amount in virtual nodes on the grid.

Layered Tech & 3tera Offers the Grid Layer

With 3tera, Layered Technologies offers the GridLayer, the first grid operating system that runs and scales existing web applications. 

Hear Vladimir Miloushev, CEO of, discusses the challenges in scaling online applications, and steps software developers can take to make the process easier at (MP3):

3tera offers throught Layered Tecinologies the first grid operating system that runs and scales existing web applications :

  • Turn commodity servers into a scaleable shared grid
  • Deploy existing web applications without changing code
  • Scale each application from a fraction of a server up to the whole grid
  • Manage hundreds of servers easier than a single server today
  • Handle hardware failures automatically without losing data
  • Add or remove servers and storage without disrupting applications
  • Manage all applications, servers and storage with just a browser