Cloudbook Tells Our Story

Layered Tech recently partnered with Cloudbook to tell our story and we were thrilled with the results.  The CEO of Cloudbook, Vince Vasquez, tells us about his vision below.

Two years ago when the first iPad launched, we seized the opportunity to build a new application to help businesses, like Layered Tech, tell their stories. As such, our storytelling software — based on lessons learned from producing films, documentaries and books — allows the consumer to read and watch a story, chapter by chapter via their iPad, iPhone or online. These stories are packaged in what our customers simply call their “Cloudbooks.”

Storytelling is one of the best ways to learn. In addition, research indicates some of us learn better by watching, some by reading and some by listening. Being able to deliver a story in all these ways on a tablet, built for delivering stories, is indeed game changing.

But that’s not all.  In the modern world we know it’s important for some people to watch the story on the subway in New York, another on a flight to China and yet another shares the story while in a cafe in Paris.  With that in mind, we’ve engineered our application to be deployed on a worldwide basis with all of the security, performance, and availability management features you’d expect of an enterprise application.

In short, Cloudbook has blended the ancient art of storytelling with modern technology, so whether you are selling managed cloud hosting or next generation pharmaceuticals, this is the most complete way to tell your story.

Click to learn what the Layered Tech Cloudbook can do for you!

Vince_Vasquez - CloudbookAbout the Author: Vince Vasquez is the CEO of Cloudbook and brings over 25 years of experience in high tech positions at companies such as Sun, HP and Cray Research. He has held a wide range of positions, including sales, marketing, business development, software development, and IC manufacturing. Most recently, Vince created and ran Sun’s Software-as-a-Service program, and assisted with business development in Sun’s Cloud efforts, both of which focused on delivering go-to-market success for customers and partners.

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