Evolving Cloud Services for Changing e-Business Needs

We will shortly launch Layered Tech’s new eBusiness Cloud Services, designed to guarantee compliance and deliver managed security in a range of cloud computing environments. Over the course of developing these new solutions, there were a number of lessons learned that we believe led us to build a better cloud for complex e-business applications. Here are a few we’d like to share:

Leverage best practices. Looking back three or even just two years ago, it completely made sense to build your own cloud operating system – there was nothing mature in the marketplace. But today, companies like VMware, Citrix, and a handful of others have eliminated that need by developing the cloud OS for you. Companies that choose to build their own cloud end up stuck, spending much of their time maintaining and managing that cloud; whereas others who leverage industry best practices and proven technologies have a lot more agility and time to develop more value beyond simply making the cloud work.

Listen to the customer. Having a cloud portal for the sake of having one will not get you anywhere. Providing the ability to provision compute, storage, and virtual firewall protection is nothing special. To really create a valuable cloud portal with market-leading capabilities, you need to understand specific customer use cases – whether that’s providing custom development capabilities or additional layers of security for customers that are especially sensitive about their mission-critical production environments. We spent a lot of time talking to our customers to make sure our cloud portal addresses each and every one of their needs.

Make it portable. Rather than build out a new set of tools and processes each time you prepare for an audit, we’ve learned that the best way to ensure compliance and keep costs down is to develop a standard set of rules and templates that can be used in similar audit situations. By eliminating all of the discovery that typically needs to take place during the initial stages of an audit, this helps the customer save money and makes the audit go smoother.

Experience pays off. The more you do something, the better you get at it. This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s something that rings true the longer we’re in this business. Over the last eight years, Layered Tech has continued to expand its client base. As a result, we’ve dealt with the majority of assessments and auditors out there; and in all instances, we’ve passed every audit, which is why we feel confident when we say that we’ll give customers a 100% compliance guarantee.

We have applied what we’ve learned towards building the next generation of our secure cloud offerings. Building on our core competencies in complex managed hosting and secure, compliant hosting services, the Layered Tech eBusiness Cloud portfolio is designed to provide greater cloud benefits and more robust support for our customers’ mission-critical applications. This new cloud platform extends what we have been doing for years to create a more agile and responsive model for our customers.

Direct feedback is welcome. Our cloud developers and I are eager to listen. Please contact us to share questions, concerns and ideas.

Kevin Van Mondfrans, VP of Product ManagementAbout the Author: As Vice President of Product Management at Layered Tech, Kevin Van Mondfrans (@VANMONDFRANS | +Kevin Van Mondfrans) is responsible for driving the Layered Tech portfolio of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and managed service offerings. With more than 20 years of experience product development and marketing, Kevin has been delivering innovative computing, storage, cloud and service offering with companies such as HP, Dell, and Savvis.

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