Mixing Clients in the Cloud

The recently announced Layered Tech Cloud Data Center platform extends our experience in delivering secure and compliance solutions to the cloud, without sacrificing business agility. We have operated secure multi-tenant virtualized platforms for many years including our virtual private server (VPS) platform (since 2007) and our Matrix community cloud (since 2009). Now we offer a completely virtualized cloud data center environment with optional PCI and HIPAA compliance service and guarantee.

We operate our Cloud Data Center platform in “mixed mode” which means we enable clients with internal or regulatory compliance requirements like PCI-DSS, HIPAA or ISO27001 as well as clients that do not have this requirement. What “mixed mode” means is that we manage the entire environment to meet our highest level of compliance, but enable our customers to select services for each workload based upon their desire for additional preventative services, reporting and audit assistance. Clients do this with a drop down menu selection when ordering their cloud environment or virtual machine. It pretty simple for clients to add and we automate over 200 steps to build that environment in just minutes.

Configuring a PCI Compliant Cloud Data Center

Figure 1: Selecting Compliance Management when configuring your Cloud Data Center.

The benefit of running in a secure cloud hosting platform is a higher degree of isolation between clients and workloads along with greater protection from external and internal threats of a hack or data breach.

What differentiates our compliant cloud platform from other clouds is our ability to ensure that our clients’ environments are isolated, secure, and protected. But it does not stop our private cloud hosting; achieving compliance involves a higher degree of planning, management and transparency. Not only do we collect and share data, we analyze the data and proactively involve the client when potential issues are discovered.

The term ‘compliant cloud’ has actually been circulating for some time. Unfortunately, many cloud providers that claim to offer a compliant cloud are just making log data available but requiring that the client do the analysis. Layered Tech actively manages compliance and offers a 100% compliance guarantee to pass every IT audit for PCI DSS or HIPAA/HITECH compliant hosting.

Learn more about compliant clouds by reading our white paper, “Reducing Risk and Increasing Marketability with PCI-Compliant Community Clouds”.

Kevin Van Mondfrans, VP of Product ManagementAbout the Author: As Vice President of Product Management at Layered Tech, Kevin Van Mondfrans (@VANMONDFRANS | +Kevin Van Mondfrans) is responsible for driving the Layered Tech portfolio of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and managed service offerings. With more than 20 years of experience product development and marketing, Kevin has been delivering innovative computing, storage, cloud and service offering with companies such as HP, Dell, and Savvis.


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