Intelligence in the Cloud – Security and Compliance

dciaWe hope you can join Layered Tech at the “Intelligence in the Cloud” workshop, which is a unique opportunity to understand the challenges of migrating secure multimedia assets to the cloud.  The workshop, jointly sponsored by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA), will focus on how military and government agencies with responsibilities for intelligence gathering can safely leverage the benefits of cloud computing.
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Holiday Security – Manage Your Risks

Credit CardsWelcome to the holiday season!  Along with the holiday cheer, parties, presents and spending come some risks of which we should all be aware.  Situational Awareness is a phrase that some might not recognize.  Situational Awareness entails being aware of your surroundings and environment and adapting your behaviors to address the risks being presented.

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FISMA Compliant Business Solutions for Federal Government

MS-DynamicsWhen is a cloud business solution right for your agency?

An interview with Suzie Adams, Federal Chief Technology Advisor for Microsoft

This week, Microsoft Dynamics announced the availability of new cloud-based business solutions built specifically for federal government agencies. These solutions are delivered through a FISMA-compliant, federal-only infrastructure environment hosted by Microsoft partner Layered Tech. The solutions provide agencies with a private and secured cloud hosting environment built specifically to deploy mission critical solutions, enabling federal agencies to collaborate, manage data, improve processes, and access actionable business intelligence, while taking advantage of the flexibility, security, performance and cost savings of a cloud delivery model.

The FutureFed blog team had the opportunity to catch up with Susie Adams, Microsoft’s Federal Chief Technology Advisor, to help give some perspective to this announcement and answer a few questions on cloud offerings for federal agencies.


Update on Layered Tech’s Acquisition of NEW WORLD APPS

nwa-lt logo-vertWe are now 90 days into the merger of Layered Tech and NEW WORLD APPS, so we thought it would be helpful to send out an update from the front lines: How is the integration going?

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5 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Service Provider

Cloud SecurityQuite often, cloud service providers neglect to make security and compliance of their cloud environments their responsibility. Many service providers leave it to the client to manage their own security. This is not ideal. The client cannot control all elements of the environment and is at a disadvantage.  It is startling to me, that 69% of cloud service providers do not believe that security is their responsibility, and even more, do not offer easy to implement security controls as a service according to the Ponemon Institute in 2011.
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How Much is Your Data Worth?

online shoppingEveryone knows that a lot of information about each of us is floating around various segments of the internet.  The prevalence of online shopping, social media and portable computing has made us comfortable with this and in many ways that is a good thing for commerce, society and individuals.  Many of us feel very confident in the controls that exist to protect data about us and in most cases that confidence is well founded.
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ETA 2012 Strategic Leadership Forum – Round Table Discussion

SLF12-LOGOI was very fortunate to be on the ETA Technology Committee who led the Round Table Discussion this year at the 2012 Strategic Leadership Forum, held at the Breakers Hotel in West Palm Beach.  The participants included notable thought leaders and entrepreneurs who provided great insight into this topic which is evolving rapidly.  It is remarkable to see how the aggregator/ “micro” merchant model, through the convergence of technology, is forever changing the industry.  It will be interesting to see how providers respond to this new challenge, and potential opportunity, as they adapt their offerings.

Thanks to ETA for another great forum and we are looking forward to the 2013 Strategic Leadership Forum in Scottsdale, AZ!

Steve Chu, Regional Sales ManagerAbout the Author: As Regional Sales Manager for Layered Tech, Steve Chu (@stevendkchu), brings over 9 years of experience to the Payment and PCI Compliant Hosting industry.  His background prior to Layered Tech was with HMS/Micros Systems, which provides a point-of-sale solution for the hospitality industry, and also with global IT consulting firm, Sogeti Capgemini.

Cost of Data Breach Review

Cost of BreachRecognition of information security responsibility is reducing costs of breaches.

From time to time I look over the Ponemon Institute reports related to data breach costs to get a feel for the business value of securing data.  After reading the most recent Ponemon Institute report, I want to talk about the interesting executive summary highlights.

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Mixing Clients in the Cloud

The recently announced Layered Tech Cloud Data Center platform extends our experience in delivering secure and compliance solutions to the cloud, without sacrificing business agility. We have operated secure multi-tenant virtualized platforms for many years including our virtual private server (VPS) platform (since 2007) and our Matrix community cloud (since 2009). Now we offer a completely virtualized cloud data center environment with optional PCI and HIPAA compliance service and guarantee.

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ETA Round Table Will Discuss Emergence of Micro Merchants and Aggregators

The payment industry is now seeing many new Payments Service Providers (PSP’s), also called Merchant Aggregators, entering the market to serve small “micro” merchants who have payment card transactions processing needs. This year Electronic Transactions Association’s Technology Committee is conducting a Round Table discussion at the ETA’s annual Strategic Leadership Forum.  The focus of the discussion will be on the Emergence of Micro Merchants and Aggregators, and the Effects on Traditional Payments Business Models.
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