PCI Compliance Management: What To Expect

Many hosting providers offer a PCI- or a HIPAA-compliant solution that meets industry standards for high security and includes various tools to enable compliance. But at Layered Tech, we’ve taken this up several notches by offering complete compliance management through our Layer 4 Compliant Services.

With Managed Compliance, we take care of the majority of the work needed to pass a PCI audit. In fact, our clients are able to offload up to 80% of the 220 PCI controls, when they engage our Guaranteed Compliant offering.  This work includes taking on roles and responsibilities like centralized logging, change control, managing code rolls, full documentation, and audit support.

“Our #1 reason for choosing Layered Tech was its Compliance Management service. Nobody else has that. Others may claim they offer compliant hosting, but when you really look into it you find that they offer the environment, and maybe some tools, but the burden of compliance management really falls on the customer.”
Greg McGraw, CEO & Co-founder, PayPlum 

In the video above, I introduce Dennis Pickard who is an IT Audit Lead in our Security and Compliance group. Dennis has a background performing PCI audits for a large financial services provider, and has become a valuable resource for clients as they prepare for PCI audits.

As our clients undergo their PCI audits, Dennis will meet with their Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and provide the needed documentation, validate compensating controls, and conduct facility tours at the AirWorld Technology Center in Kansas City.

Our clients have found by having Dennis as their advocate, PCI Compliance becomes much less laborious and they are able to focus their resources on core competencies instead of audits.

We would like to talk with you about what you are going through with your PCI, or HIPAA audits.   Please reach out to us by completing our contact form, or you can contact me at directly at steve.chu@layeredtech.com.

Steve Chu, Regional Sales ManagerAbout the Author: As Regional Sales Manager for Layered Tech, Steve Chu (@stevendkchu) brings over 9 years of experience to the Payment and PCI Compliant Hosting industry.  His background prior to Layered Tech was with HMS/Micros Systems, which provides a point-of-sale solution for the hospitality industry, and also with global IT consulting firm, Sogeti Capgemini.

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