Take a Sneak Peek at our Next-Gen Secure Cloud

We will be announcing a next generation secure cloud platform shortly. I want to give you some insight of our thoughts around cloud and security.

Secure Cloud Platform Sneak PeekCustomers are often faced with choosing between greater business agility or highly secure and compliant-ready environments. We do not think this is a fair trade-off. No customer should be forced to forgo the full promise of cloud to achieve running in a secure and compliant environment. Nor should a client need to sort through piles of log data to keep themselves compliant when outsourcing to a cloud service provider. We are addressing this very quandary.

Our next generation Cloud Data Center enables customers the full benefit of running critical workloads with sensitive personal information and financial data in a self-service secure cloud environment. Security and transparency is inherent in what we do. The Layered Tech cloud platform supports customers desiring to run in a cloud that is managed to accommodate PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant hosting requirements. Our cloud makes it easy to add the necessary tools, processes and management to run in a secure environment and to achieve and pass compliance, guaranteed. We have automated over 200 steps to deliver full compliant cloud data center environments and virtual machines, in just a few mouse clicks.

Despite the focus on security, you do not need to have a compliant application or workload to run in the Layered Tech Cloud Data Center. Our next generation cloud will enable a variety of production and test/development use cases. Customers will be able to choose managed services that range from basic server and URL monitoring/alerting to proactive managed support. We built this flexible management model to enable customers with transient workloads and elastic capacity to add compute resources on an hourly basis in completely self-service model. We also enable cloud for clients who desire a managed support model to assist with complex and hybrid environments and we can provide managed support up the stack including web servers, middleware and databases. While the customer has self-service controls and visibility, Layered Tech offers layers of management to help maintain and manage client environments.

There has been significant development focus on automation of security and compliance; there has also been an equal focus on delivering a secure portal and API that will enable a breadth of self-service capabilities well beyond cloud data center provisioning and VM life-cycle management. All of this automation along with our managed services offers customers the ability to achieve a higher level of assurance and agility to run their important workloads in a cloud.

Stay tuned for more details upon our launch of this next generation secure cloud platform.

Kevin Van Mondfrans, VP of Product ManagementAbout the Author: As Vice President of Product Management at Layered Tech, Kevin Van Mondfrans (@VANMONDFRANS | +Kevin Van Mondfrans) is responsible for driving the Layered Tech portfolio of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and managed service offerings. With more than 20 years of experience product development and marketing, Kevin has been delivering innovative computing, storage, cloud and service offering with companies such as HP, Dell, and Savvis.


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