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New Layered Tech Website

The public face of Layered Tech changed today, with the introduction of our new corporate website.  This is an exciting change incorporating a number of new features:

  • New, contemporary look and feel
  • Updated content with the latest product and service descriptions
  • Improved, intuitive navigation
  • Competitive advantage section, “Why Layered Tech”
  • New resource areas with collateral, videos, etc.     

Most of all, we wanted to provide the best communications possible to continue giving our customers and visitors an open view into Layered Tech’s products and services.  We hope you like the new look of Layered Tech!

Interview: Microsoft Hyper-V at Layered Tech

(Aug 2008) Hostsearch.com Interview with John Pozadzides, VP and CMO of Layered Tech 
Layered Tech …“the leading provider of next generation, on-demand grid computing and hosting solutions” …Catering to entry and enterprise-level customers (recently launched) the first worldwide release of Windows 2008 with Microsoft Hyper-V hosted on dedicated or virtual servers >> 
Given the buzz Hyper-V has created, we ask John Pozadzides, the company’s VP and CMO, about this new technology’s benefits for hosts and hosting customers.
Q: You’re one of the first to offer Hyper-V.  Can you offer a brief description of Hyper-V.

A: As a key feature of Windows Server 2008, Hyper-V allows virtualization of multiple operating systems (including Windows and Linux) all on the same server. The technology provides a scalable, reliable and highly available virtualization platform along with a single set of integrated management tools to manage both physical and virtual resources. Windows Hyper-V also offers large memory support and provides backup/restore, snapshotting and easy transition of virtual servers from one physical server to another.


Q: What benefits do end users get from Hyper-V?  


A: With our uniquely configured Hyper-V platforms, Layered Tech outperforms traditional VPS offerings generally available in the marketplace. We offer full virtual machines with complete control over everything, right down to the operating system. Customers now have a greater range of control than ever before, combined with a much higher degree of security and reliability.


Q: Can you share a little about other offerings Layered Tech provides?


A:  Layered Tech’s portfolio of offerings is quite comprehensive, from on-demand managed dedicated hosting and web services to virtualization and grid computing.  In fact, we are considered one of the leaders in virtualization solutions with our GridLayer product, which was one of the first commercially available virtualization computing solutions.  Learn more at www.thegridlayer.com >>


Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V-based Virtual Private Machines Available at Layered Tech

Dedicated Hyper-V-based virtual machines now available from the leader in virtualization hosting

( PLANO, TX – July 30, 2008 ) – Layered Tech, Inc., a leading worldwide provider of on-demand IT infrastructure, announces the availability of Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V-based virtual private machines. The announcement marks one of the first offerings of a hypervisor-based virtual private machine, allowing customers to take advantage of the control, efficiency and overall cost-effectiveness of server consolidation and virtualization. The release follows on the heels of Layered Tech’s recent launch of dedicated servers running Microsoft Windows 2008 and Hyper-V. Layered Tech made the announcement at HostingCon 2008, the premier conference and tradeshow for the hosted services industry.

The Microsoft Hyper-V platform allows Layered Tech to deliver a category-leading product that outperforms traditional VPS offerings generally available in the marketplace,” said Jack Finlayson, Chief Executive Officer, Layered Tech. “These are full virtual machines with complete control over everything, right down to the operating system. Customers now have a greater range of control than ever before, combined with a much higher degree of security and reliability.”

As a key feature of Windows Server 2008, Hyper-V allows virtualization of multiple operating systems, including Windows and Linux, all on the same server. The technology provides a scalable, reliable and highly available virtualization platform along with a single set of integrated management tools to manage both physical and virtual resources. Windows Hyper-V also offers large memory support and provides backup/restore, snapshotting and easy transition of virtual servers from one physical server to another.

The Hyper-V-based virtual private machines are delegated virtual instances from top-of-the-line servers, which are either IntelVT (IVT) or AMD-V-enabled processors for true virtualization. Windows Hyper-V allows both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux or Windows virtual machines to be created independent of the underlying operating system. Standalone applications such as Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint, for example, will now be able to run on one physical server, allowing users to consolidate multiple systems into a single environment without compromising control, security features or performance.

We are excited that Layered Tech is among the first hosting providers to bring dedicated Hyper-V-based virtual private servers to market,” said John Zanni, General Manager of Worldwide Hosting, Microsoft Corp. “Their offering, combined with the tremendous advantages of a hypervisor-based virtualization tool, will help extend the savings realized through server consolidation and deliver on the vision of true virtualization. In addition, Hyper-V will enable Layered Tech to continue to run a heterogeneous environment by running both Windows and Linux on the same server using a single management interface.”

Pricing for Hyper-V-based virtual private machines starts at $89.00 per month, and additional virtual machines are available on a pay-as-you-grow basis to support customers’ specific needs.

For additional information on Layered Tech, please visit http://www.layeredtech.com.

For additional information on the Hyper-V-based virtual private machine offering, please visit http://www.layeredtech.com/dedicated-servers/microsoft-hyper-v.php

For questions, please email: sales@layeredtech.com >>

Layered Tech Announces New CIO

Former CIO of FastServers.Net to lead research and development at Layered Tech

PLANO, TX – July 17, 2008 – Layered Tech, a leading worldwide provider of “on-demand” IT infrastructure, announces today the appointment of Mr. Terrance Bush to Chief Information Officer. Bush will be responsible for research and development, as well as technology strategy for the organization.

“We are excited to have Terrance on our executive team,” said Jack Finlayson, CEO, Layered Tech. “His technology expertise and leadership experience, combined with the other new additions to our management team, will position Layered Tech for continued growth and success in the grid computing and managed Web services space.”

Bush began his career at FastServers.Net in 2000, and held a number of key management positions prior to taking on the CIO role in 2003. Mr. Bush has over nine years of system administration experience, as well as more than five years in system engineering management. Prior to his tenure at FastServers, Bush held senior positions with several Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T and StockPoint (now a division of CBS MarketWatch).

“I am thrilled to lead the research and development team at Layered Tech,” said Bush. “It’s an exciting time at the company, as we put our energies into managed hosting and virtualization services, as well as concentrate on servicing the enterprise market. I am looking forward to the new challenges this role will bring and am confident our team will deliver many exciting solutions in 2008 and beyond.”

Layered Tech recently acquired FastServers.Net, a leading Chicago – based managed hosting company. The acquisition combined the expertise of FastServers.Net in managed dedicated hosting with Layered Tech’s leading virtualization and on-demand IT infrastructure offerings. 

For additional information on Layered Tech, please visit http://www.layeredtech.com.

Layered Tech to Speak at HostingCon 2008

Company executives speaking in multiple sessions

PLANO, TX – July 15, 2008 – Layered Tech, Inc., a leading worldwide provider of on-demand IT infrastructure, announced today that they will participate at HostingCon 2008, the premier conference and tradeshow for the hosted services industry. Layered Tech will be a Gold Sponsor for the event, as well as have executives, John Pozadzides and Aaron Phillips, participating in two different speaking sessions. HostingCon 2008 will take place July 28-30 at the Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois. All HostingCon attendees are invited to Layered Tech’s booth (booth #301).

“We are very pleased to be participating at Hosting Con,” said John Pozadzides, Vice President and CMO, Layered Tech. “It’s a great event that brings together the best and brightest from the industry to learn about the latest news, ideas and technologies affecting the industry, and ultimately their businesses.”

During the conference, Layered Tech will have two speaking engagements. Aaron Phillips, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, will be participating in a marketing panel discussion, where he will be joined by moderator Brett Tabke, CEO, WebmasterWorld.com; and fellow panelists Amy Armitage, Director of Business Development, Lunarpages Web Hosting; Ben Fisher, Vice President, TechPad Agency, LLC.; Hartland Ross, President, eBridge Marketing Solutions Inc.; and Derek Vaughan, VP Marketing, HostMySite.com. The panel will take place Monday, July 28 from 9:00-11:00 a.m., and will be fielding audience questions regarding online and offline marketing, branding, SEO and SEM, and social media marketing.

John Pozadzides will have his own speaking presentation titled, “Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining.” The presentation will take place Wednesday, July 30 from 8:30-9:15 a.m., and will examine how cloud computing, grid computing, and virtualization are changing the hosting industry. Topics also include challenges and solutions to market adoption of cloud computing.

“One of the goals of this event is to provide a forum to explore the key trends and issues that are shaping the hosted services industry today and into the future,” said George Roberts IV, President and CEO, Interjuncture Corp., producers of the HostingCon conference and tradeshow series. “Having industry leaders, such as Layered Tech, participating is well aligned with that goal and the overall theme of this executive conference.”

Layered Tech recently acquired FastServers.Net, a leading Chicago-based managed hosting company. The acquisition combined the expertise of FastServers.Net in managed dedicated hosting with Layered Tech’s leading virtualization and on-demand IT infrastructure offerings. 2008 marks the fourth year of attendance for Fastservers.Net at HostingCon.

HostingCon is the definitive conference and tradeshow for the hosted services industry. Hosted services professionals around the world gather to learn more about the industry, network with their peers and vendors, and help grow their business. HostingCon is produced by Interjuncture Corp., a Crystal Lake, Illinois-based producer of technology-related tradeshows, conferences and events.

For additional information on HostingCon 2008, please visit http://www.hostingcon.com/.

For additional information on Layered Tech, please visit http://www.layeredtech.com.

Virtualization and MS Hyper-V : Interview with Todd Abrams, COO of Layered Tech

Recently, Layered Technologies announced that the company became the first hosting provider to launch dedicated servers running Microsoft Windows 2008 and Hyper-V. In this exclusive interview, we talk to Mr. Todd Abrams, COO & President of the company, about the challenges and promises of virtualization technology.  Read actual article >>

HostReview: Layered Technologies’ Hyper-V dedicated server offerings are most likely meant for professionals. Nevertheless, how would you explain the benefits of LT’s Windows Server 2008 based virtualization solutions to a less tech-savvy audience?

Todd Abrams: I’ve seen a lot of people overcomplicate the concepts behind virtualization. This seems to make those of us who are less technical shy away from experimenting with the technology. But the reality is that virtualization actually simplifies installation and management of operating systems and applications.

One example of how virtualization could make life easier comes in the form of pre-packaged applications. Let’s say a business wanted to use the popular SugarCRM application. Instead of having to install an operating system, install the application, optimize both, and secure them, one could simply download a virtual machine created by a SugarCRM expert and run it instantly.

Indeed, once a server has been virtualized, it has a number of capabilities that were simply not present previously:

•Snapshots and backups
•Instantaneous provisioning of Virtual Machines
•Easy migration and upgrade paths
•Simplified management of multiple machines

Why did you choose Hyper-V? Did you initially consider similar open source technologies?

Microsoft and Layered Tech have a long-standing relationship. In addition to supporting many Microsoft operating systems and applications we are strong believers in the future of data center virtualization. From this perspective supporting Hyper-V is a necessity.

In addition to working with Microsoft, Layered Tech also has experience with supporting other major virtualization offerings from 3Tera, VMware, Xen, and Parallels.

What did being the first hosting company to implement Hyper-V involve? How long were the planning and implementation phases, and did you work with Microsoft experts on this?

Hyper-V was implemented in essentially the same manner as any new product roll out. However, Layered Tech’s extensive experience in supporting virtualized environments, including our Grid computing platform, enabled us to move much more quickly than other hosting providers.

We worked very closely with the Microsoft team in all aspects of the roll out including training, implementation and product development.

What kinds of clients are you targeting with the new Hyper-V offerings?

We believe Hyper-V will be particularly attractive for Enterprise level clients with a large investment in equipment powered by Microsoft operating systems. Hyper-V fills a gap for clients who previously found competing products either too expensive on a per VM basis, or too unsupported for serious investment.


About: Todd Abrams, COO & President

Todd Abrams, Layered TechnologiesTodd leads the Layered Technologies team and oversees daily operations. Prior to founding Layered Technologies, he served as CEO and founder of FX-Directors Solutions, a leading technology services company in the funeral services industry. At FX Directors Solutions, Todd worked to build a solid technology and financial foundation that was acquired to form Aldor Solutions in late 2003. Previously, Todd served as Vice President of North American Operations for EDGE Technologies, a large wholesale computer component and white box system distributor. While at EDGE, Todd built the North American Operations and grew sales from $2 million to over $110 million within 2 years, while also establishing 8 U.S satellite locations. Earlier in his career, he worked for EDGE Internet Services Australia (EISA), an ISP that was publicly traded on the Australian Exchange. EISA aggressively grew in the US market by acquiring other ISP’s across North America.

Interview: Jack Finlayson, CEO, Layered Tech

Layered Tech’s CEO, Jack Finlayson speaks with WHIR TV (Web Host Industry Review) about Past, Present & Future of the NEW Layered Tech.  View VIDEO >>
Jack Finlayson, CEO, Layered Tech, Interview, WHIR, 07/04/2008

Jack Finlayson, CEO, Layered Tech, Interview with WHIR TV, 07/04/2008

Enterprise Cloud Computing with Layered Tech

Interview with Todd Abrams, COO, Layered Technologies

Todd Abrams, COO, Layered Technologies1. Tell me your vision of “Enterprise Cloud Computing?”

Historically, the only option available to businesses with large mission-critical applications was to distribute them across a number of dedicated servers intermixed with firewalls, switches and load balancers.  These enterprise grade solutions have a high degree of complexity, require a staff of system administrators and engineers to provision, and are extremely expensive to deploy with 100% redundancy.

Layered Technologies cloud computing offering, The Grid Layer, solves all of these problems by providing users with a powerful graphical configuration interface which lets them create entire virtual infrastructures within the Grid comprised of a wide range of devices including firewalls, load balancers and servers.  Switching, routing and monitoring are all built into the Grid as well as complete physical redundancy and RAID 1 network duplication of data across physical nodes.

We believe that cloud computing services are the next generation of infrastructure and that as more businesses learn about these offerings the huge cost reductions, inherent redundancy and extreme scalability will compel CIOs and CTOs to migrate their sprawling applications to service providers like Layered Technologies.

2. Why do you choose AppLogic OS and 3Tera?

The choice to use 3Tera’s AppLogic operating system was a simple one.  When Layered Technologies began to work with 3Tera over two years ago there were no natural competitors.  Even today the 3Tera OS is unique and still developing.  AppLogic allows service providers like Layered Technologies to deploy and support standard enterprise grade hardware and to aggregate resources to mimic much larger and more expensive supercomputing systems.

3. What kind of industries use your services?

Layered Technologies currently has a number of Web 2.0 clients like Nexplore and Woopra who utilize The Grid Layer for redundancy and scalability.  These companies rely exclusively on their online presence so their infrastructure requires 100% uptime.  We also have a wide range of enterprise customers ranging from global telecom companies, to healthcare providers, to educational institutions using The Grid Layer.

As far as Cloud or Grid computing is concerned, virtually any enterprise can take advantage of the capabilities of the Grid.  We offer services that range from individual Grid-based Virtual Private Servers to large multi-node Virtual Private Data Centers which allow clients to build and deploy their own complete hosted architectures on demand.

4. Do you have any plans to launch your services to the Japanese Market?

The Japanese market is very important to Layered Technologies.  Not only do we currently have a number of Japanese clients, we view Japan as a strategically important market with huge growth potential.  

Layered Technologies recently signed an agreement with Bit-Isle in Tokyo and as begun to deploy infrastructure in Tokyo.  We intend to make our full range of services available including The Grid Layer to any clients who require Japanese localization.

Find out more:  Layered Technologies, The Grid Layer, VPS, VPDC, Cloud Computing

5 Tips: Marketing in the Hosting World

John Pozadzides, CMO, Layered TechInterview with John Pozadzides, CMO of Layered Tech (by The WHIR http://www.thewhir.com/)

1) Speaking in broad strokes, how would a host’s marketing budget be best divided up between different venues like adwords, banner advertising or other, more out-there efforts?

Different size budgets can require a very different mix of marketing spend.  An average hosting provider should probably target 25% of the budget at online advertising efforts, 25% on having a presence at targeted industry events, 25% on online branding (Web site and content), and the remainder on collateral and other supporting materials.

2) Are there modes of marketing that you see becoming more effective or less effective for this business right now?

Too much emphasis is placed on Google AdWords, with far too little ROI.  In the new world order, hosting companies need to perform segmentation analysis to understand who their average customer is, then look for advertising vehicles that specifically target that segment.

3) How much overlap do things like public relations and media relations overlap with what’s considered “marketing” in your work?

PR and media relations are easily as important as traditional marketing tactics in a Google world.  AdWords and banner advertisements are temporary, but good press is like fine wine to a search engine – it just gets better with time.

4) What’s a mistake that a lot of marketers in this business tend to make?

I see marketing professionals across a wide range of industries rely far too heavily on transient messaging vehicles, those that disappear the moment they are used; and not enough time on long term messaging and brand development.  Companies need to innovate, communicate their value proposition effectively, and get the word out through a variety of channels.

5) Is there any emerging technology or medium that you see being most relevant to the hosting business with respect to marketing?

I hate to bow to collective wisdom, but social media is the 900 pound gorilla.  Viral messaging and media campaigns can generate long term name recognition, Web links and traffic.  Those of us that learn to conquer this animal quickest will reap the greatest rewards.

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Layered Tech Appoints John Pozadzides as CMO

John Pozadzides, Layered Technologies, Chief Marketing OfficeLeading worldwide provider of “on demand” IT infrastructure continues rapid growth 

Plano, TX (February 18, 2008)Layered Technologies, a leading worldwide provider of “on demand” IT infrastructure, continues its rapid growth by announcing the appointment of John Pozadzides as Chief Marketing Officer.  Pozadzides will be responsible for leading Layered Technologies’ branding, as well as driving the company’s sales and product marketing initiatives.  He will oversee all enterprise and partner marketing initiatives, from product planning and positioning, to the execution of customer acquisition and retention strategies.  Pozadzides will report to President and COO Todd Abrams. 

“John brings a wealth of experience and a customer-centric attitude that make him a strategic asset for Layered Technologies,” said Abrams. “He has a proven track record of building successful sales organizations, as well as a deep understanding of the hosting marketplace.  In addition to his expertise and leadership in the IP services arena, John has a well documented background of innovation and integrity, having founded HTMLHelp.com, the leading Web authoring reference site; and later building a loyal following with his personal site OneMansBlog.com.“ 

Pozadzides, 37, is a sales and marketing professional with over a decade of experience within the IP and applications hosting industry.  Prior to joining Layered Technologies, he served as Vice President of SAVVIS Communications in Herndon, VA and was responsible for the company’s sales and customer service staff.  Before SAVVIS, John held positions as Director of North American Telesales and Director of Strategic Alliances for Cable & Wireless. He also held management positions at GTE Internet Solutions. 

“Layered Technologies has built a brand based on technology leadership, integrity and superior service,” said Pozadzides.  “I feel privileged to join the dedicated team members who have laid a fantastic foundation upon which to build our sales and marketing efforts.  Layered Technologies is poised to expand its leadership in the rapidly evolving Grid hosting marketplace and I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the company’s growth.” 

For additional information on Layered Technologies, please visit www.layeredtechnologies.com >>


WHIR: http://www.thewhir.com/marketwatch/021908_LayeredTech_Names_New_CMO.cfm

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