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GRID Technology : LT Interview @ Web 2.0

John P InterviewLayered Technologies‘ CMO John Pozadzides recently visited the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco and took some time out to speak with Michael Scherotter from Microsoft about LT’s GRID computing technology.

“GRID computing is a system whereby many computers are assembled together to create one large computing system with vast amounts of processor power, RAM, and storage.” states John Pozadzides. 

Check out the video below and learn more about Layered Tech’s “The Grid Layer” and you’ll see why it’s so cool!

[viddler id=e4278c42&h=370&w=437]      

Layered Technologies Welcomes FastServers.net

The entire team at Layered Technologies would like to offer a BIG TEXAS Welcome to FastServers.  We are excited to have you as part of the team and look forward to continued success and the opportunity to grow together.  

Layered Tech Welcomes Fastservers

Join Layered Technologies & FastServers at our Third Annual LT PACT 2008 Hosting Transformation Conference (June 25-27) Las Vegas, NV – Caesars Palace Learn more >>

Layered Technologies Acquires FastServers.net


Newly combined assets include managed and unmanaged hosting, cloud computing, and virtualization technologies


Plano, TX (April 14, 2008)   Layered Technologies, Inc., one of the world’s largest providers of “on demand” IT infrastructure today announced the acquisition of FastServers.net, a leading Chicago – based managed hosting company.  Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.


The acquisition will combine the expertise of FastServers.net in managed dedicated hosting with Layered Technologies’ leading Grid and unmanaged offerings.  The combination of Layered Technologies and FastServers will offer a new range of superior services significantly benefiting customers.

“Thousands of clients rely on the exceptional service offerings of FastServers.net, and the combination of the two companies will expand the range of offerings and provide additional scale for client growth,” said Jack Finlayson, Chief Executive Officer of Layered Technologies.  “We look forward to bringing these two exceptionally talented teams together to service our customers and meet the demands of the high growth hosting industry.”

“With Layered Technologies and FastServers.net working together, business owners will view their managed service provider as a valued, long-term partner that helps manage IT infrastructure,” said Ian Andrusyk, President and CEO of FastServers.Net.   

Layered Technologies will begin immediate integration of the two companies’ operations, product development, distribution and customer support organizations to ensure a smooth transition and immediate value for customers, employees and partners.  Combined, the company will serve over 6,000 clients. 


Layered Technologies and 3Tera to Provide 100 Grid-Servers to Woopra

Rapid Growth of Real-Time Web Analytics Service Powered by Cloud Computing Platform

Woopra > Real-Time Web Analytics ServicePlano, TX | April 2, 2008:  Layered Technologies, Inc., a leading worldwide provider of “on demand” IT infrastructure, and 3Tera, Inc., the leading innovator of grid computing technology and utility computing services for Web applications, today announce support for Woopra, the real-time Web analytics platform. The companies will provide 100 grid-based servers in order to assist Woopra as it experiences a huge market demand prior to official launch.

“We are extremely pleased that Layered Technologies has stepped up to pledge the infrastructure necessary for us to meet the growing demand for Woopra,” said Elie Khoury, CIO of Woopra. “We are also grateful for all of the public feedback and support we have been given in the past 48 hours. We vow to work as quickly as possible to make Woopra available to as many as 100,000 Web sites within the next few weeks.”

Woopra provides real-time stats delivered via a revolutionary client-server application, and includes unique features such as the ability to identify and chat real time with visitors to the monitored site. The beta version of Woopra was quietly unveiled to a select audience of 200 at WordCamp Dallas, but news rapidly spread to over 2 million as buzz began to grow.

“We are excited about the launch of Woopra and the fact that we will be hosting it on The Grid,” said Todd Abrams, COO and President of Layered Technologies. “With such high demand, we are working closely with Woopra to ensure that all of Layered Technologies’ clients can gain access to the application as quickly as possible.”

With more than 12,000 servers and nearly a decade of experience, Layered Technologies has developed an expertise in data center operations. Using 3Tera’s award-winning AppLogic OS, Layered Technologies is able to provide grid computing solutions by harnessing the power of their data centers and making it available on-demand – processing power, bandwidth, and storage capacity. 3Tera’s AppLogic Grid OS allows a customer to package their entire application into a single self-contained logical entity. The packaged system can be scaled from a fraction of a CPU to hundreds of machines without any code modification.

“The instant growth of Woopra is a perfect example of how grid solutions provide new capabilities for growth,” said Peter Nickolov, President and CTO of 3Tera. “Scaling an online application, such as Woopra, can be enormously challenging. Being able to quickly deploy and operate on a highly available and scalable utility computing platform offers a unique business solution. Partnering with Layered Technologies has allowed us to deliver true utility computing solutions and help hundreds of companies scale their application with the growing demand.”

3Tera’s AppLogic grid operating system is the first commercial platform designed specifically to enable true utility computing. The system converts commodity servers into scalable grids on which users can visually deploy, operate and scale transactional Web applications without any modification of code. With the ability to run on any grid anywhere in the world, the disposable infrastructure technology found in the heart of the AppLogic system packages applications with the definition of the infrastructure required to run them into self-contained and portable entities. As a result, applications become completely separated from the hardware infrastructure traditionally needed to run them, allowing users to remotely manage their applications through a Web browser and provision resources as needed.

For more information on Layered Technologies, please visit www.layeredtechnologies.com.  For more information on 3Tera, please visit www.3tera.com.  For more information on Woopra, please visit www.woopra.com.

FORBES: Computing In The Cloud (Layered Tech)

Tiny Firms Offer Big Computing Services
(FORBES Magazine,
Andy Greenberg, 03.26.08)

Dave Durkee believes in the “Big Switch.” Like tech pundit Nick Carr, who coined that term in his recent book of the same name, Durkee, the CEO of utility computing company Enki, argues that information technology will eventually move out of corporations’ server rooms and into massive, shared facilities, where servers and storage can be hosted more efficiently and piped out to customers. Instead of investing in expensive IT infrastructure, companies will take advantage of computing as a utility, paying their IT bills the same way they pay for water and electricity. 

[A] start-up, Plano, Texas-based Layered Technologies, rents out customized servers by the month to about 4,500 clients. The company hosts a grid of servers that it divides up and rents to clients in packages designed especially to satisfy their hardware needs. Clients can choose to add hardware or subtract machines, like an extra server or storage device, in seconds. Layered Technologies completed its first round of publicly announced funding in mid-March. 

“Utility computing is one of those disruptive technologies that larger players won’t be interested in until it gets big,” says Carr. “That means smaller players can serve the first adopters. The challenge will be when the IBMs, the HPs, and the Suns start to come in to dominate the market.” But don’t count out the little guys, insists Layered’s chief marketing officer, John Pozadzides. Layered’s customers want more than cheap, generic computing power, he contends. As a smaller firm, Layered can customize and scale the resources it rents to every customer, Pozadzides says, whether it’s a start-up search engine or a software-as-service sales and inventory company. 

A different sort of player hoping to squeeze into the utility computing space is 3tera, in Aliso Viejo, Calif. 3tera offers a program that helps utility computing companies divvy up their hardware resources among their customers. Both Enki and Layered use 3tera’s program, known as AppLogic, to create the virtual data centers that they host for their clients; the software lets their customers expand or contract the resources they need in seconds, literally by dragging and dropping components on a computer screen.  “Today, if you want to add a new server, many sets of hands are involved,” says Bert Armijo, 3tera’s vice president of product management. “If you have the ability to instantly provision what you need, that’s when it really becomes a utility.” 3tera, which predicts it will become profitable in the first half of 2008, is a start-up worth watching, says Forrester Research analyst James Staten. The company’s “arms dealer” strategy, he says, will allow it to profit no matter who eventually comes to dominate utility computing. 

As for the other small fry, Staten says, it is too early to pick out potential winners as the industry evolves. But he’s confident that by the time larger customers start to look at utility computing as an attractive option, [smaller companies] may have grown into a real competitor.  “This is classic disruptive innovation, where the mainstream dismisses the product and small companies have time to create a real differentiated value,” says Staten. “When this technology becomes really robust five to seven years from now, the doubters may not be able to compete anymore.”  Read more >>

Layered Technologies to Sponsor WordCamp 2008

2–Day WordPress Event Includes Sessions on Ways to Power Up Your Blog, SEO for Bloggers, and the Business of Blogging 

Plano, TX (March 18, 2008)Layered Technologies, a leading worldwide provider of “on demand” IT infrastructure, announces today their sponsorship of WordCamp Dallas, hosted by WordPress. WordCamp is a 2-day conference for podcasters, designers, programmers, aficionados, users and developers. The first day focuses on how to be a better blogger and the second day discusses the development and future of publishing on the Web.  The event will be March 29 – 30.in Frisco, TX, and is limited to the first 300 attendees that register. 

“Layered Technologies is proud to be a sponsor of WordCamp, created and hosted by WordPress,” said Todd Abrams, president and COO of Layered Technologies. “It’s a great event that emphasizes the importance and benefits of publishing on the Web, as well as a great opportunity for networking and building relationships. WordPress is a valued client of ours, as we provide the majority of their infrastructure. We are thrilled to offer them our support in return.” 

With clients in over 120 countries, Layered Technologies’ custom technology solutions allow both large and small customers to rapidly deploy on-demand hosting and utility computing services, providing all the controls of co-location without the start up costs, the commitments, and the challenges. Layered Technologies’ on-demand computing solutions are effectively utilized by thousands of customers around the world, including WordPress.

”WordCamp is a great venue for us to interact with the WordPress community,” said Abrams.  “It is also a great opportunity for us to reach out to other Web 2.0 companies and bloggers and let them know how we can help them create an infrastructure that will scale to their demands and provide instant new computing capacity without capital expenditures.” 

The event will be held Saturday, March 29 and Sunday, March 30 at George A. Purefoy Municipal Center, 6101 Frisco Square Blvd., Frisco, TX. Wordcamp starts at 9:30 AM on both days. The agenda for WordCamp includes expert panels and presentations on the business of blogging, SEO for blogging, ways to power up your blog, how to prevent, detect and stop content theft of your blog, and more. Presenters include: John Pozadzides, CMO of Layered Technologies and Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress. 

Registration for WordCamp Dallas is $20. To register, go to: http://wordcampdallas2008.eventbrite.com/.  

For additional information on Layered Technologies, please visit www.layeredtechnologies.com. For additional information on WordCamp Dallas, go to: http://dallas.wordcamp.org/.

Layered Tech Secures $11 Million in Private Funding

Investment in provider of “on demand” IT infrastructure is led by Enhanced Equity Fund, LP and Pangloss International

Plano, TX (March 11, 2008) – Layered Technologies, Inc., a leading worldwide provider of “on demand” IT infrastructure, today announces the completion of an investment round of $11 million, led by US private equity firm Enhanced Equity Fund, LP (EEF) and the founding investor, Pangloss International.

“We are proud to support Layered Tech’s continued growth in the fast moving hosting services market,” said David Howe, Managing General Partner for Enhanced Equity Fund.  “We see great potential for Layered Technologies to play a key role in shaping the future of grid computing and virtualized services within the hosting marketplace.”

With clients in over 120 countries, Layered Technologies’ custom technology solutions allow both large and small customers to rapidly deploy on-demand hosting and utility computing services, providing all the controls of colocation without the start up costs, capital investments, long term contracts and associated challenges. By partnering with Layered Technologies, companies are able to achieve ROI quickly via reduced capital investment, total cost of ownership (TCO), labor reduction, training, and floor space. Layered Technologies can have a company up and running in days versus months.

The new cash investment will provide Layered Technologies with working capital to expand on current successes, develop new products, and accelerate sales and marketing efforts within new enterprise markets.   

“The continued growth of our long standing relationship with Pangloss and the expansion of the EEF investment demonstrates the faith our investors place in Layered Technologies’ future,” said Jack Finlayson, CEO of Layered Technologies.  “In the last 90 days, Layered Tech has added significant resources to our sales and marketing, development, and service delivery efforts.  We expect the remainder of 2008 to be characterized by aggressive market expansion, new product introductions, and overall growth.”

For additional information on Layered Technologies, please visit www.layeredtechnologies.com.

Layered Tech Announces Affiliate Referral Program

Affiliates referring new customers earn 30% commission, with potential to earn thousands per sale 

Plano, TX (February 27, 2008) – Layered Technologies, a leading worldwide provider of “on demand” IT infrastructure, announces today their new Affiliate Program which provides partners with unlimited earning potential. All of Layered Technologies’ offerings, from traditional hosting packages to true Grid-cluster computing solutions (which are simple to use and easy to scale as business demands grow) are eligible for commissions under the new program.

Layered Technologies’ Affiliate Program provides partners with a significant earning opportunity. When an affiliate partner refers a new customer via a Web link, they will receive a one-time 30% commission based on the new customer’s monthly recurring revenue. With Layered Technologies’ grid solutions routinely costing $4,000 or more, affiliates have the ability to earn in excess of $1,200 per order with no cap on earnings. 

Unlike competing programs, Layered Technologies offers full sales support for its Affiliate Program, including Live Chat and Phone-based support with a professional sales staff.  All back-end tracking and management technology is provided by Shareasale.com, a leading affiliate management solution. 

“Our Affiliate Program is designed to reward clients for their valued referrals, as well as to welcome new partners who wish to ensure Web visitors will be treated professionally by the most capable hosting provider in the industry,” said John Pozadzides, CMO of Layered Technologies.  “We believe the combination of commissions and close sales support offers earning opportunities greater than any other program in the industry.” 

Registration for Layered Technologies’ Affiliate Program is simple. Affiliates can register at: http://www.layeredtech.com/affiliates.php by selecting the “Join NOW” link.  Affiliates will be directed through a simple 5 step sign – up process that will enable affiliates to begin earning commission payments from their Web site within minutes.  The company has also pledged to work with partners to produce customized affiliate banners that blend effectively into a variety of Web sites. 

For additional information on Layered Technologies, please visit www.layeredtechnologies.com >>

Layered Tech Preps LT PACT 2008

Article by Justin Lee, theWHIR.com

January 29, 2007 — (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Conferences and exhibitions play a significant role in the hosting industry, helping companies to broaden their market reach and potentially draw in new customers and partners.  But like some other areas of the industry, the market has become saturated with dozens of conferences and exhibitions being held each year, including giants like HostingCon and ISPCON, a challenge for the operators of smaller events. 

LT PACT 2008 Hosting EventFor two years, utility hosting services provider Layered Technologies has worked to distinguish LT PACT event as an important consideration among hosting related events.  Though it is held by a hosting company, LT PACT is not strictly self-serving, but is designed to benefit its attendees and the presenting companies within the context of the environment of Layered Tech’s customers and partners, says president and COO Todd Abrams.

“It’s not directly a sales objective for Layered Tech,” says Abrams. “It’s really about broadening the overall knowledge base of the people there, as well as experts of the industry that our clients and partners don’t really get to talk with.”

Returning to Las Vegas, Nevada’s Caesars Palace Resort from June 25 to 27, LT PACT 2008 will offer presentations from industry analysts, key industry players, Web hosts and other leaders, discussing issues that are pertinent to the industry.  The conference, now in its third year, will provide attendees with further industry insights, the ability to interact with new products in workshops and ways to boost their revenue with improved business practices.  Read on >>

Learn more about LT PACT 2008 >>

LT PACT 2008