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Layered Tech Extends DEFCON Managed Services To Include Virtual Machines

Layered Tech recently announced that its virtualization investments and acquisition of FastServers.net have helped drive DEFCON managed services across its broad range of products, including virtual machines. This latest advance from Layered Tech now enables customers of its Grid Layer® virtual machines (VM) to experience the same highly developed services available to its dedicated server clients.

DEFCON Tiered Managed Services NOW on Layered Tech’s Virtual Machines

DEFCON managed services mitigate challenges commonly associated with the operations of hosted infrastructure, providing a single source for server administration, service-level based support, 24×7 monitoring and recovery, patch management, and security protection. In addition to The Grid Layer VM offering, DEFCON managed services are available with Layered Tech’s on-demand, dedicated server solutions based on CentOS, Red Hat, and Windows 2003.

Tiered DEFCON managed services provide customers the freedom to choose the level of service they want to manage their servers. From DEFCON 5 (for those customers who want to manage all aspects of their server applications) to DEFCON 1 (in which Layered Tech provides the full scope of server management and monitoring), companies can customize their server operations, easily and quickly scaling up or down as their organizations grow and as needs change.

Virtualization Can Significantly Reduce Costs

The benefits of transitioning to a hosted virtual machine environment are amplified for companies that traditionally buy multiple physical servers, because virtualization can significantly reduce costs associated with hardware, data centers and other network infrastructure. In addition to saving hard costs, customers also can reduce demands on internal IT personnel who no longer have to manage multiple physical servers and data centers.

“For years, Layered Tech has created flexible solutions that remove server costs and complexity so that customers can focus on their core business and leave server management to us. The extension of DEFCON managed services to our Grid Layer virtual machines is another powerful value-creating tool for our customers,” said Layered Tech Chief Marketing Officer John Pozadzides. “Our roots are as a hosting provider that works closely with customers, and we’re continuing to do that in the area of virtualization by giving our customers even greater choice when it comes to defining the amount of security, support, monitoring, and specialized software that is associated with their virtualization environment.”

DEFCON management services are available initially to existing Layered Tech customers – those who already are Grid Layer VM customers and those who wish to migrate from a dedicated server environment to a virtualization platform. The managed virtual machine offering includes an operating system such as CentOS and a control panel such as cPanel or Plesk; customers will have the option to buy management services for those control panels.

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Layered Tech Launches Managed Services

Layered Tech Launches DEFCON Server Management

Initial phase of dedicated management services offering is now available to a select group of current customers

Plano, TX (June 10, 2008)- Layered Technologies, a leading worldwide provider of “on demand” IT infrastructure, announces today DEFCON Management Services, a dedicated management services offering. DEFCON Management Services provides a tiered class of management services specific to dedicated server needs. This exclusive service allows the distinct classification of service level that provides server monitoring, security, server software updates, and advanced support. Integration efforts as a result of the recent acquisition of FastServers.Net by Layered Technologies are now enabling Layered Technologies to provide their current customers with the ability to utilize the server management expertise of FastServers.Net.

“One of the largest opportunities we saw in our acquisition of FastServers.Net was the ability to rapidly offer DEFCON Management Services to our current customers,” said Jack Finlayson, Chief Executive Officer of Layered Technologies. “We have worked together efficiently to make this offering available. We are very pleased to be able to leverage the knowledge and expertise of FastServers.Net and pass that onto our customers for their benefit and value.”

In this first phase of deployment, current Layered Technologies customers are able to apply and purchase managed services. As part of a select group that will be supported by trained server engineers, these customers will have the ability to receive support, security, monitoring, and server upgrades from a team of highly – skilled server support engineers.

DEFCON Management Services solves several problems that can be associated with operations of a dedicated server, including a single source for server administration, service level based support, 24×7 monitoring and recovery, patch management, and live 24×7 telephone support.

“For the past 10 years, DEFCON Management Services have been an integral part of customer satisfaction and organizational efforts with all departments,” said Aaron Phillips, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, FastServers.Net. “The extension of these services to a larger customer base will allow a scalable managed infrastructure that provides managed support to over 6,000 clients of Layered Technologies.”

Layered Technologies customers that are interested in DEFCON Management Services can apply online at http://www.layeredtech.com/services/defcon-apply/ . This initial phase will be available to a segment of customers that meet specific criteria. A specialized Quality Assurance Team will carefully deploy the services.

Todd Abrams, Layered Technologies“As one of our most significant service rollouts, our entire company is well prepared for this initial phase,” said Todd Abrams, Chief Operating Officer and President of Layered Technologies. “This ensures that execution and resources are available for a full and complete customer deployment in the coming months.”

For additional information on Layered Technologies, please visit www.layeredtechnologies.com.

For additional information on FastServers, please visit www.fastservers.net.