Take the Plunge Into the Cloud

Plunge into the cloud with Layered Tech cloud hosting and cloud servicesI have spent the last 12 years working in sales in the hosting industry, and I must say that the last 4+ have been the most interesting with the emergence of cloud hosting in the market. I spend my days working with current and future cloud users, and from what I have gathered over the past few years, new cloud adopters usually have three major concerns when it comes to hosting their applications in the cloud:

  1. How will my application perform in the cloud?
  2. Can cloud really help me scale quicker and more efficiently?
  3. How can I save money by hosting in a cloud solution?

My main suggestion to help answer all three of the above questions is for businesses to work with a few different cloud vendors to setup an environment on which to test their applications. This will allow users to see how their applications perform in the cloud, and will demonstrate how quickly businesses can scale their applications. Of course, every application and every company’s needs are unique, but typically, cloud users are amazed at how much more efficient they can really become.  Whether businesses select a fully isolated cloud solution, or a shared resource, users quickly learn that cloud hosting helps them earn a maximum return on their computing investments. Simply said, the cloud offers a flexible, customizable platform that can respond quickly and efficiently to rapid change in demand, while at the same time, ensuring maximum up-time, speed and security needed for the most demanding IT environments.

Dipping a toe in the proverbial water can be the biggest obstacle for companies that are considering hosting their applications in the cloud, because fear of unknown risk discourages change. But companies that have taken the plunge have found that most cloud services are designed to deliver high availability and performance for a broad range of complex eBusiness computing applications that, in the end, will save them time and money.

Come join me at the Big Cloud Event on June 18th in Minneapolis and I will be happy to discuss your company’s cloud hosting needs with you.

The Big Cloud Event will be held at the Minikahda Club in Minneapolis, MN, from 8 a.m to 6 p.m.. For more information about the 2013 Big Cloud Event visit http://bigcloudevent.splashthat.com.

About the Author: Shane Reisner is Director of Strategic Accounts for Layered Tech and brings more than 12 years of experience in the cloud hosting and managed services industry.


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