Q4 Update From Layered Tech CEO Jack Finlayson

I’m excited to update you on the progress and status of Layered Technologies (LT) Inc. as we begin the fourth quarter of 2013.

Layered Tech has developed into a complex managed hosting company with our priority and emphasis on security and compliance.  In fact, our mission is to be the leading supplier of secure and compliant solutions in the US.  Layered Tech is the only company that guarantees our clients will pass all regulatory audits.

Growth in Federal and Health Care Arenas

In August 2012, Layered Tech acquired New World Apps, a managed services company in the Government market. New World Apps, now Layered Tech Government Solutions, is a secure managed services provider with a client base in the Federal Government markets including Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, the Department of Justice and the Small Business Administration. Layered Tech Government Solutions’ primary focus is managed solutions with an emphasis on security. Key partnerships have been established with Microsoft as well as with multiple quality system integrators.  In 2013, LT Government Solutions installed its largest solution in 14 years with the Department of Homeland Security.

Layered Tech also added a health care (HIPAA) compliant solution to the already established Payment Card Industry (PCI)  Service. Today, with LT Government Solutions, Layered Tech offers solutions in the three most prevalent managed security areas in the US.

Expanding Infrastructure and Services  

In addition, Layered Tech has rolled out a unique Cloud solution supporting managed hosting applications with a self-service portal that allows a client to add virtual machines in a compliant environment in a matter of hours. Layered Tech also has rolled out Application Performance Monitoring (APM), which allows clients to understand the actual end-user experience and respond to any issue immediately.

We continue to improve our core hosting infrastructure to deliver a higher quality of services and support to our clients. One such area we have improved is our backup infrastructure, which enables Layered Tech to effectively consolidate the backup for dozens of individual devices. We now have a robust, resilient and scalable backup infrastructure allowing Layered Tech to deliver improved services at a lower cost.

Layered Tech remains committed to superior client satisfaction, with particular emphasis on the top 150 companies. These 150 clients account for 90+ % of our revenue and the vast majority of embedded-base growth.  Our goal is “fiercely loyal client support,” enabling positive references on demand.

We currently stand at 175 employees with the majority located at our facility in Kansas City.

Going forward, Layered Tech will continue to focus on growing our core services in both the commercial and federal markets. The majority of marketing dollars will be targeted at the security area and designated verticals that require managed support. We believe that we can lead the hosted security segment of the market and continue to differentiate our services in these targets areas.

Thank you for your interest and support of Layered Tech, Inc.

About the Author: Jack Finlayson has been Layered Tech’s Chairman and CEO since 2007. Prior to that, he served as President and COO of SAVVIS  Communications, Inc. for 6.5 years, where he was an  integral part of the SAVVIS IPO and contributed to the profitable growth of the SAVVIS business. Finlayson has also held the position of Sr. VP at Global Crossing Inc.; was Corporate VP and GM for the Americas and Asia Wireless Infrastructure Group at Motorola; and held multiple executive positions in marketing, management and sales at AT&T.

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