Update on Layered Tech’s Acquisition of NEW WORLD APPS

nwa-lt logo-vertWe are now 90 days into the merger of Layered Tech and NEW WORLD APPS, so we thought it would be helpful to send out an update from the front lines: How is the integration going?

In short, the integration is going great!  Through a lot of hard work from both the Layered Tech and the legacy NEW WORLD APPS teams, we are proud to say both sides remain very excited about the combination, and morale is very high.  NEW WORLD APPS is being run as a separate division of Layered Technologies targeting U.S. federal government customers.  Our focus on security and compliance has been galvanized even further and these added capabilities have catapulted Layered Tech to a higher level.

FedRAMP Status – NEW WORLD APPS has established a strong leadership position in the FedRAMP certification process.  FedRAMP is the newest U.S. federal government security compliance guideline for Cloud solutions.  NEW WORLD APPS is positioned well to be among the early Cloud Service Providers being considered to go through the FedRAMP certification process.

Sales Synergy in Action – Last week, a major federal agency awarded a new contract to NEW WORLD APPS to host a complex FISMA-compliant solution.  This contract resulted from an existing long-term customer of Layered Tech’s that is now penetrating the federal government market, and that needed experienced FISMA-compliant Cloud expertise.  A win for the customer, a win for Layered Tech, and a big win for the government which can now deploy an excellent solution in a FISMA-compliant SaaS model instead of deploying their application on-premises!

Microsoft Partnership – NEW WORLD APPS has been partnered with Microsoft for over a decade, providing managed hosting and Cloud services for public sector customers on Microsoft’s many technology platforms.  NEW WORLD APPS plays a critical role for the Microsoft Public Sector team, and is Microsoft’s ISV Cloud Incubation Center for public sector.  Lots of great things are happening between Microsoft and NEW WORLD APPS, with many exciting new announcements in the works.  Stay tuned!

John StreetenAbout the Author:  As President of Layered Tech’s U.S. Federal Division, John Streeten leads Layered Tech’s Ashburn, VA-based sales and engineering teams targeting U.S. federal government customers.  As co-founder of NEW WORLD APPS, John has a background in both finance and marketing and has worked in the hosting and cloud industry for over 15 years.

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  • This compliance niche is great differentiator for LT – sounds like New World Apps further builds on that..nice!

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