Verizon Enters HIPAA Compliance Market

Layered Tech was excited to see Verizon’s October 1 announcement highlighting their new cloud portfolio supporting the Healthcare security requirements, because it provides further validation that the Healthcare industry is rapidly growing and truly needs solutions to meet the stringent HIPAA compliance regulations.

We welcome them to the market, and wanted to highlight some critical advantages Layered Tech offers over Verizon and other major service providers that are new entrants. Layered Tech has gained a unique understanding and reputation as the “service provider to the service provider,” becoming highly valued partners to software developers (ISV’s) that are building SAAS or hosted solutions to support the healthcare providers. In addition, we continue to provide secure and compliant solutions directly to the broader Healthcare ecosystem, such as Accountable Care Organizations and Payer Networks.   Further, most of these solutions are delivered in secure and compliant cloud environments, for which we are the leader.

Layered Tech has been supporting secure and compliant cloud and hosting solutions for the Healthcare (HIPAA Compliance), Payment Card Industry (PCI Compliance), and Federal (FISMA Compliance) markets for many years. This means that we not only provide all of the key infrastructure, security and compliance capabilities, but we have actually passed hundreds of audits allowing our customers to be fully compliant.

Despite all of the hype around their announcement, Verizon actually said in the press release that “each client remains responsible for ensuring that it complies with HIPAA and regulations.”  At Layered Tech, we fully manage the compliance requirements of our customers to the extent of actually providing a Compliance Guarantee.  We do not leave it up to our clients to manage their own compliance needs.

Our leadership was recently reinforced with the launch of our next generation Cloud Data Center platform that has automated all of the security and compliant tools required to meet the industry and federal regulations for HIPAA and PCI.  The new Layered Tech Cloud Data Center platform also comes with the same Compliance Guarantee, so you can trust Layered Tech to manage this for you.

Great to see some bigger players like Verizon entering the HIPAA compliant hosting market, but we encourage healthcare companies to look to the true security and compliance experts at Layered Tech to solve their needs.

Brad Hokamp, Layered Tech PresidentAbout the Author: As President of Layered Tech, Brad Hokamp (@bradhokamp) brings over 26 years experience working in the IT and networking industry to his role.  His responsibilities include leading our sales and marketing efforts, as well as product management, customer service and business development initiatives.

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