10 Reasons Why Migrating to the Cloud Makes Sense

I had the opportunity to attend and speak at recent KANAConnect events in the US and Europe. I was surprised and delighted at the breadth of discussion and focus placed on cloud computing and the forward-thinking direction of many of the attendees.

One thing that was quite clear and different from what I’d experienced at past KANA events was the overall mindset towards the cloud playing a larger role in the future growth plans of the majority of the companies in attendance.

Most folks I spoke with agree that the cloud is here to stay. They believe that the market is already developing and that significant changes will occur over the next few years that will allow businesses to have even more choice than they do today. With more and more businesses realizing the benefits of moving their data to the cloud, the need for cloud providers to understand the individual requirements of these businesses is absolutely crucial, and was a large part of why many clients were in attendance at KANA Connect.

A common theme among attendees was learning how to evaluate a cloud hosting company to do business with. It rang out loud and clear that the cloud provider should have a clear mission statement and be able to demonstrate a track record of providing cloud services, along with a strong financial history and a road map for the business. They should also be able to provide references for the services they offer, ideally in the specified business sector that they will be rendering services.  Most cloud solutions promise the best ease of use, low cost, fast deployment, and absolute security. But we know all clouds are not created equal.

Reduce complexity. Gain agility

Migrating to the cloud can reduce the complexity of managing your IT infrastructure, and reduce operating costs. Systems management and application maintenance are made easier, and updates are simpler. From social listening and analytics to business process management, the cloud gives you agility.

Based on my observations over the 3 days in attendance at both KANAConnect events, I compiled a “Top Ten List of Reasons and Beliefs” as to why companies should migrate to a cloud solution:

Top “10” Reasons/Beliefs to Migrate to the Cloud

1)    Expected Cost Savings

2)    Better Efficiencies and time to Market

3)    Increased Security

4)    Greater Access to Data

5)    Decreased Capex spend / Less Infrastructure maintenance

6)    Creates Innovation

7)    Greater Storage Capacity / Ease of Collaboration

8)    Minimum Contract Terms

9)    Ability to Scale (up and down) — “Right Sizing”

10) Increased Control Over SLA’s & (More manageable Internal Policies)

The 10 areas listed above were focal points of discussions I participated in or observed during both events.  While there were no major surprises at the summits, I walked away feeling good about the fact that Layered Tech is well positioned to contribute to the successes of these businesses.

To sum it up, the decision makers I had the opportunity to interact with understand the cloud offers new opportunities for growth, while allowing them to focus on their core business.

About the Author: Todd Abrams founded Layered Tech in 2004 and is Exec.VP of Business Development & Strategic Alliances. Prior to Layered Tech, he served as CEO and founder of FX-Directors’ Solutions, a leading technology services company in the funeral services industry. Previously, Abrams served as VP of North American Operations for EDGE Technologies, a large wholesale computer component and white-box system distributor, and he worked for EDGE Internet Services Australia (EISA), an ISP that was publicly traded on the Australian Exchange.

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