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It doesn't matter what industry you're in - data breaches and downtime are no doubt a top concern for anyone running critical workloads in the Cloud.

Not only can such attacks and service interruptions threaten your brand's reputation, they can also be downright expensive. The cost of downtime for most applications can be in excess of $60,000 per hour. And in environments where downtime costs were based on a financial transaction, the cost was $1 million a minute.1

With numbers like that, any business running mission-critical applications should rely on only the most robust, secure, and compliant of clouds.

Secure, agile cloud services to keep pace with your growth

Wouldn't it be nice to free up all that time you spend on data center maintenance and security? At Layered Tech, we help companies devote time, energy, and resources toward supporting innovation, while ensuring secure and compliant cloud computing. We also realize you want agility. You want to scale as needed, pay as you go, maintain security, and achieve compliance.

That's where our eBusiness Cloud Services come in. As the leader in fully compliant cloud computing, Layered Tech offers an innovative suite of secure cloud computing services for running and developing mission-critical e-business and web applications.

From customized and hybrid cloud solutions to fully virtualized data centers, Layered Tech has the resources, tools, and experience to transform your enterprise. Our secure cloud solutions for e-business apps include:

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