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Cloud Solutions

Whether you're choosing a private or secure public cloud, Layered Tech offers a flexible cloud platform that meets your most pressing needs. Our secure cloud solution can connect to physical databases, providing you with a hybrid solution for high availability, site failover and disaster recovery. Optional add-ons provide additional security and compliance, back-up services, managed services, and application and system monitoring for a robust solution.

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A Secure Cloud with Guaranteed Compliance, High Availability and Disaster Recovery


Layered Tech Compliance GuaranteedCompliance isn't a steady state. It's an active effort. So at Layered Tech, we don't just enable compliance - we manage it. We're the first managed hosting provider to offer a compliance guarantee. If you select our compliance services (such as PCI-DSS or HIPAA), we guarantee that you'll pass every audit or assessment sanctioned by the relevant industry or regulatory entity.

High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Whether a disaster is natural or man-made, it's seldom predictable. And the cost of downtime, for whatever reason, can be astronomical: anywhere from $60,000 per hour (for many business applications) to more than $6 million per hour (for brokerage operations).2 You need to have the plans and the resources in place to keep those costs to a minimum — and keep yourself in business.


Whether you're at high season or at high noon, you want to be able to quickly respond to peak loads and seasonal traffic without over-building your application resources. Layered Tech helps you add resources on demand to ensure the best possible user experience.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Once you've sold your services to a new customer, you need to rapidly scale your infrastructure capacity — both in terms of compute power and storage — to accommodate the increased business. On the other hand, if you lose a customer, you don't want to be paying for excess infrastructure when you're not going to be using it.

Test & Development

Any company that develops software understands how the cyclical nature of the process requires infrastructure changes over the course of the lifecycle. Thus, systems provisioned for testing and development are vastly underutilized much of the time. And when you try to share these resources across different time zones, it turns into an extraordinarily complex task. It's not worth spending millions of dollars on hardware and personnel resources to maintain and manage these servers—especially when they're sitting idle.

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