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Dedicated Cloud Data Centers

Dedicated Cloud Data Centers - Securely isolate a virtual data center environment with dedicated, reserved resources • Self-service provisioning and management & fully managed • Dedicated compute and storage resources

When you're running mission-critical e-business applications, you don't want to worry about running out of spare infrastructure. Nor do you want to risk any sort of data breach or compliance violation. Layered Tech Dedicated Cloud Data Centers limit potential resource contention by providing reserved resources for large environments. Because this eBusiness Cloud Service is isolated from other client workloads, it further reduces the risk of a nosy neighbor.

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Reserved resources

With Layered Tech Dedicated Cloud Data Centers you can reap the benefits of self-service provisioning and management of entire virtual data center environments, while keeping your compute and storage resources reserved and isolated. In the event that you need to burst or have a special project that requires more resources, the Layered Tech Cloud Director portal allows you to easily spin up additional cloud data center servers to give you the infrastructure you need.

Plus, you get the same great Layered Tech Cloud Data Center features, including:

E-business-class security and compliance

  • Fully managed enterprise security with multi-layered defense, including stateful firewalls and optional managed web application protection
  • Tiered networking model for secure isolation of application tiers
  • Real-time vulnerability and intrusion detection monitoring and reporting
  • SSL VPN access for secure account and Cloud Server management
  • HIPAA and PCI compliance-ready configurations
  • Secure networking options between cloud data centers, establishing reliable connectivity between environments.
  • PCI DSS Compliant, HIPAA Compliant, SSAE 16 Type 2 Audit Completed

Cloud Services Comparison

  Cloud Servers Cloud Data Centers Dedicated Cloud Data Centers Private Cloud
Overview For rapid availability of virtual servers For on-demand control of servers, storage, networking, security and compliance resources Offers complete control of an isolated and dedicated compute and storage environment Offers complete isolation of compute, storage and networking
  Cost-effective virtualized resources to add to dedicated or custom environments Meets the need for the rapid scalability required by software development, web hosting, and critical e-business applications Meets the need to have complete control of entire virtual data center with dedicated resources Ideal for businesses that require a higher degree of customization
Layered Tech Cloud Director Portal included included included 3rd party portal
Resource Options Shared Shared Dedicated Dedicated
VM Isolation Virtual Virtual Physical Physical
Data Volume Isolation Virtual, File level Virtual, File level Virtual, Volume level Physical
Terms Pay-as-you go Pay-as-you go Committed Committed

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