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Compliance Guaranteed

Setting the Standards for Hosting Security and Compliance

You may find offers of compliant hosting elsewhere, but nowhere will you find compliant hosting that is so comprehensive, it's 100% guaranteed. With Layered Tech's company-wide expertise, we are confident our compliant hosting services, with support for PCI DSS, HIPAA or FISMA, will pass every IT audit or assessment sanctioned by the relevant industry or regulatory entity.

Compliance Guaranteed

Compliance Guaranteed. Period.

Our 100% Compliance Guarantee is included with our Compliance Management services and provides:

  • Proactive management. Our 24/7 compliance team will manage the full scope of IT controls that affect compliance for you. We guarantee that your mission-critical and confidential data will be protected in accordance with the most stringent industry and regulatory standards.
  • Comprehensive monitoring and control. We will monitor the full-system security of your environment and employ exacting change management controls utilizing advanced security tools, robust system log management, and rigorous ITIL-based processes.
  • Transparency for easier audits and balanced risk. The maturity of our change management process and the transparency of our documentation significantly reduce audit scope and discovery time for auditors and assessors. This results in lower costs as well as accelerated audit timelines and minimized risk.
  • Up-to-date support. We support hundreds of IT controls that are required by the payment card and health care industries, including 83% of HIPAA and 100% of PCI DSS controls. And you can be confident that we will keep your compliance continually up to date to meet the latest requirements.
  • Audit support and managment. Our compliance coverage goes far beyond what you will find elsewhere, extending all the way to managing the entire IT audit or assessment process for you.

We are so confident in our compliance offering that we pledge to resolve any non-compliance issue that may arise during an IT audit or assessment at no additional cost to you.

You Won't Find a Better Hosting Solution than Layered Tech

In addition to our Compliance Guarantee, Layered Tech's experts possess a wealth of experience in delivering Secure Cloud and Dedicated Hosting solutions. We offer Application Performance Management services to monitor and optimize the performance of revenue-critical applications and Disaster Recovery solutions to keep your critical applications up and running in the event of a disaster.

Layered Tech's infrastructure provides a solid foundation for every cloud and managed hosting solution with fully redundant data centers worldwide deploying automated failover and offsite data replications. Enjoy the most technically evolved data security tools and processes that enable us to quickly and smoothly help you guard against data breaches and maintain compliance.

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