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FISMA Compliance

Overcoming the Challenges of FISMA Compliance

The Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA), together with supporting standards developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), defines how federal agencies must ensure the security of information and information systems under their control. As such, FISMA plays a vital role in assuring the integrity and confidentiality of the wide variety of sensitive data that the federal government collects, generates, and processes.

While FISMA has worthy aims, the process of attaining FISMA compliance and maintaining compliance year-after-year imposes substantial burdens on over-stretched federal IT staffs. Moreover, the regulations evolve over time, adding to the difficulties of maintaining ongoing FISMA compliance. Increasingly, federal agencies and their application vendors are finding it easier to outsource IT infrastructure solutions to hosting services that can provide highly secure environments in a FISMA compliant data center.

Ready-Made FISMA Compliance with Layered Tech Hosting Solutions

For federal agencies or application providers not wanting to invest significant time and resources into achieving and maintaining FISMA compliance, entrusting your IT workloads with a global leader in FISMA compliant managed hosting services is the ideal solution. With deep FISMA compliance experience, world-class hosting facilities, and best-of-breed technologies, Layered Tech can deliver secure, FISMA compliant managed hosting or FISMA cloud computing solutions that enable your organization to keep focused on your primary mission.

Layered Tech's team of engineers and security technicians can partner with you to implement a robust security infrastructure and to define and apply the appropriate FISMA security controls. Our team of experts can simplify and expedite the FISMA compliance process for you by creating the necessary C&A documentation, participating in the FISMA audit, and providing ongoing monitoring and reporting to ensure your solutions remain in compliance. Our compliance technologies and operations are so comprehensive, we confidently offer the industry's only 100% compliance guarantee, for FISMA as well as for other tough information security standards like HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

If you're looking specifically for a FISMA cloud environment, Layered Tech will work with you to build a private or federal-only community cloud that adheres to stringent FISMA standards. As a long-time leader in FISMA compliant hosting and cloud services, we are also well positioned to successfully pass through the FedRAMP cloud program that's recently become central to the federal cloud procurement process.

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