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Hosting Services Can Make Federal IT More Efficient But Must Be FISMA Compliant

With the recent emphasis on making federal IT operations more efficient, managed hosting services hold considerable appeal to federal agencies. But federal agencies migrating to hosting services must do so in a way that keeps their IT workloads FISMA compliant. The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) defines how federal agencies and their contractors must provide for the security of their data and IT systems.

The Value of FISMA Compliant Hosting Solutions

For many federal agencies, building and maintaining FISMA compliant IT solutions requires substantial investments of time, money and resources. Outsourcing agency applications to vendors with FISMA compliant platforms and processes is often the most cost-effective route to lowering IT security risks while reducing spending on infrastructure, implementation and maintenance.

For SaaS vendors marketing their services to the federal government, achieving and maintaining FISMA compliance is a formidable challenge. The FISMA security certification and accreditation (C&A) process for solution providers is complicated, time-consuming and costly, as is the requirement for annual review and reporting.

FISMA Compliant Hosting Services Help Federal Agencies and Their SaaS Vendors

For independent software vendors, systems integrators, and value-added resellers targeting the federal sector, the most efficient way to design and implement your product is to leverage an experienced managed hosting provider's tools, expertise, and existing FISMA compliant data center infrastructure. Shifting the duties of FISMA compliance to proven hosting provider not only expedites the process of achieving and maintaining compliance but also allows your staff to concentrate on other business objectives.

Layered Tech has a decade of experience building and hosting FISMA compliant IT solutions for federal agencies and vendors that sell to the federal sector. More than half of the cabinet-level federal agencies use Layered Tech hosted solutions, including the Departments of Justice, Energy, and Treasury.

For SAAS vendors, we can help you architect, deliver and market a successful FISMA compliant hosted SaaS solution complete with the security controls appropriate for your clients. We can provide you with the necessary FISMA compliant platform certification documentation, participate in the auditing process, and carry out ongoing monitoring and reporting to keep your solution FISMA compliant. We can also train your sales and marketing professionals on FISMA requirements.

As experts in cloud design and delivery, we will work with you to build a private or federal-only community FISMA cloud solution. And as the FedRAMP cloud program moves to the forefront of the FISMA cloud computing procurement process, we are well positioned to be among the early cloud infrastructure providers to go through FedRAMP assessment and authorization.

Learn more about Layered Tech's FISMA compliant managed hosting and cloud services.

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