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HIPAA Compliance Solutions

Covered entities and business associates needing to comply with HIPAA privacy and security requirements can choose among three broad types of HIPAA compliance solutions:

  • Doing it entirely on your own, using only your own facilities, systems, and personnel.
  • Bringing in outside consultants to advise you on achieving and maintaining HIPAA security compliance, using your own facilities and systems.
  • Utilizing a managed hosting provider that can host your IT workloads and keep them in compliance with HIPAA.

Of these types of HIPAA compliance solutions, managed hosting is the most complete and offers the most compelling benefits.

HIPAA Compliance Solutions: The Managed Hosting Option

For covered entities or business associates in need of HIPAA compliance solutions, finding the right managed hosting service can save you money and time, while reducing your risk:

  • Building or upgrading to a HIPAA compliant server center can entail substantial up-front capital expenditures. You can avoid those capital costs by using the services of a HIPAA-compliant hosting service.
  • By having your HIPAA-regulated IT workloads professionally hosted, you free your personnel to focus on core business objectives.
  • By having your regulated workloads professionally hosted by an experienced HIPAA compliance hosting service, you sharply reduce your risk of non-compliance.

Layered Tech: HIPAA Compliance Solutions from the Compliant Hosting Experts

Layered Tech is the industry leader in managed hosting services that comply with stringent security regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and FISMA. Layered Tech's HIPAA compliance solutions surpass those offered by other hosting services for many reasons including:

  • Compliance is our specialty. It's what we do best. Everything about our hosting operations is geared toward satisfying the strictest security standards, from our state-of-art data center facilities to our operations staff with their deep expertise in security and regulatory compliance.
  • We offer a range of HIPAA compliance solutions, including dedicated servers, secure cloud platforms, and HIPAA compliant web hosting.
  • We provide end-to-end compliance services, from solution design through to daily operations and administration, and support for the HIPAA audit process.
  • We guarantee that your hosted systems will pass every HIPAA-related audit. Our 100% Compliance Guarantee gives you peace of mind so you can focus on your core mission of creating great products and services.

Learn more about HIPAA compliance solutions from Layered Tech.

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HIPAA Compliant Managed Services

Layer 4 managed services can be applied to any system or network device. Additionally, Layered Tech offers enterprise-level management of your database software (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle) as an add-on to our system management services.

Monitoring is included when you purchase Layer 4 managed services for a system or network device.

Monitoring Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4
Site monitoring and system monitoring services for one hosted site/IP address on your server included included included included
24/7 monitoring and "first-responder" issue escalation included included included included
Issue troubleshooting and remediation   included included included
Customized escalation and remediation procedures     included included
Detailed performance statistics via client portal     included included
Synthetic transactions available for deployment to interrogate system health     included included
File integrity monitoring and remediation services       included