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HIPAA IT Compliance

Common HIPAA IT Compliance Challenges and How Layered Tech Can Help

Achieving and maintaining HIPAA IT compliance is imperative for HIPAA covered entities and their business associates. But for many organizations, becoming and staying HIPAA compliant is a tall order. Layered Tech, the leading provider of compliant managed hosting and cloud services, can help your organization meet the challenges of HIPAA IT compliance.

HIPAA IT Compliance Challenge: Stick to a Tight Budget

Building and maintaining HIPAA compliance IT infrastructures can be expensive. The physical and technical security requirements of HIPAA are rigorous. But your organization may not have the immediate ability, and certainly may not have the desire, to invest heavily in HIPAA-related upgrades.

By using Layered Tech's HIPAA compliance hosting services, your organization can avoid HIPAA-driven capital expenditures completely. At our state-of-art data centers across the country, we offer a variety of HIPAA IT compliance solutions, including dedicated servers, private or community clouds, and hybrid environments.

HIPAA IT Compliance Challenge: Keep Staff Focused on Core Tasks

Chances are your IT staff is already busy. And chances are they're not HIPAA experts. If this is the case, attaining and keeping up continuous HIPAA IT compliance can be a major imposition on staff and a major distraction from higher value duties.

Why not let Layered Tech's compliance experts manage this daily burden for you, in one of our secure data centers? Your organization can stay focused on delivering great healthcare products and services while we make sure the systems we host for you stay compliant with the latest HIPAA privacy and security rules.

HIPAA IT Compliance Challenge: Attain Compliance Quickly

Nothing's worse than having to hold back a new or improved service because of concerns about regulatory compliance. With Layered Tech as your HIPAA hosting provider, you'll have on-demand access to a range of HIPAA-compliant infrastructure solutions. With HIPAA IT compliance not a road block for you, your organization will gain the agility it needs to compete and win in the dynamic healthcare IT space.

HIPAA IT Compliance Challenge: Minimize Risk

Particularly with the advent of HITECH in 2009, failure to comply with HIPAA security mandates can result in severe penalties, not only for covered entities but also for their business associates (such as healthcare SaaS providers). How can you minimize your non-compliance risk?

There's no better way to minimize non-compliance risk than to entrust the hosting and management of your applications to a provider that specializes in compliance. At Layered Tech, compliance with stringent security regulations is our core expertise. In fact, our compliance systems and processes are so rock-solid that we offer a 100% Compliance Guarantee.

Learn more about how Layered Tech can help your organization achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance.

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HIPAA Compliant Managed Services

Layer 4 managed services can be applied to any system or network device. Additionally, Layered Tech offers enterprise-level management of your database software (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle) as an add-on to our system management services.

Monitoring is included when you purchase Layer 4 managed services for a system or network device.

Monitoring Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4
Site monitoring and system monitoring services for one hosted site/IP address on your server included included included included
24/7 monitoring and "first-responder" issue escalation included included included included
Issue troubleshooting and remediation   included included included
Customized escalation and remediation procedures     included included
Detailed performance statistics via client portal     included included
Synthetic transactions available for deployment to interrogate system health     included included
File integrity monitoring and remediation services       included