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Distinguished PCI Compliance History

Layered Tech's depth of experience as a PCI compliant hosting provider is beyond compare. Clients have depended on us for IT consulting and solutions since we first opened our doors. Our forward-thinking executive management and expert IT staff are always anticipating where the industry is trending and what new technological advancements are on the horizon. They are committed to continuous improvement and heightened security and, because of this motivating force, Layered Tech is consistently an industry frontrunner, ahead of the pack.

When the major card brands initiated the CISP/PCI compliancy program in 2004, Layered Tech was the first hosting provider in the world to meet the stringent security criteria by becoming 100% PCI DSS compliant for managed services. And since then, Layered Tech has continued to build upon its expertise, helping companies like yours understand the complexities of security and achieve their own compliance. Today, Layered Tech is a trusted, respected voice in the PCI marketplace and actively participates with the PCI Security Standards Council, providing insight and guidance regarding the implementation of PCI compliance.

Staff Seasoned in Security and PCI Compliance

"Layered Tech has demonstrated experience in the payments space that brings with it expertise in the protection of sensitive account information and an in depth understanding of their responsibilities with respect to compliance with PCI DSS."
The Aegenis Group

Accommodating clients' needs and addressing their evolving technology challenges are Layered Tech's hallmark. At Layered Tech, each member of your client support team knows and appreciates the value and criticality of security. Our tenured staff works with PCI compliance every single day, which means you have a vast knowledge base at your service. Layered Tech's large team of engineers and technicians are highly experienced and respected, with many professional certifications to their credit. And since entering the compliance arena in 2004, our expertise has continued to strengthen, thanks to ongoing training and certification efforts, and valuable lessons learned from years of meeting the compliance challenges of our clients.

Competent PCI DSS Validation Experience

In the spirit of PCI DSS validation, Layered Tech maintains a continual state of compliance. We have established relationships with many of the industry's Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) and have a solid understanding of their evaluation requirements. Several times each year, Layered Tech successfully passes their scrutiny of more than 200 compliance criteria. And if you so choose, we'll work with the QSAs on your behalf to ensure your company's successful PCI validation experience, as well.

Trusted Partner in PCI Compliance: Our Expertise is Your Gain

What all of this means for you is that, with Layered Tech, you partner with an established PCI compliant hosting provider whose technology and processes have been tried, tested and proven successful over time. Because PCI is an integral part of our daily operations, we know what works and what doesn't. And we share that knowledge with you, helping you understand the specific impacts of current PCI compliance regulations – and how leveraging Layered Tech's compliance expertise can enable your goals. By choosing a managed compliant option with Layered Tech, you can go about your core business, free of the worries often associated with PCI compliance. We'll take care of the myriad of intricate details that come with managing a complex system environment such as yours. And you can enjoy the operational efficiencies inherent in outsourcing to an established, trusted provider like Layered Tech. Rest assured, our in-depth expertise will always be hard at work for you.

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