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PCI Compliant Host for Merchants

Protecting your customers – and your business – with a PCI compliant host

Any e-commerce or retail merchant that processes credit card transactions must ensure the security of their customers' sensitive data through PCI DSS compliance. The requirements vary, depending on the level of transactions you process and your type of business. While Level 4 merchants need only to complete an annual self-assessment, compliance at all other levels becomes more complicated, with additional requirements such as quarterly scans by Approved Scan Vendors (ASV) and Quality Security Assessor (QSA) reports.

Meeting these requirements can be a complex undertaking and involves assessment processes, infrastructure tools, and staff responsibilities – all of which can erode your profitability when handled in house. Whether you are Level 1, 2, or 3, Layered Tech's expertise, experience, and technology can alleviate the pain of complying with PCI DSS and allow you to focus on high priority revenue-generating and customer-focused activities.

Meet PCI compliance requirements quickly and securely

We are the experts on PCI DSS compliance. In fact, Layered Tech leads the way as a PCI compliant host with a more comprehensive, proven combination of managed hosting services, compliance, and security than you'll find anywhere.

We know the technical security standards and regulations that you need to employ to be compliant. We also understand the risks associated with e-commerce and retail businesses and can guide you to a high level of compliance that will pass any PCI DSS IT audit, guaranteed. Plus, our Layer 4 compliance management services will help you demonstrate to your customers that they are dealing with a merchant they can fully trust.

Why do enterprise merchants trust Layered Tech for PCI compliant hosting?

With Layered Tech compliant managed hosting services, we help your business become more profitable and secure, with benefits such as:

Learn how Layered Tech can help you meet the PCI DSS merchant compliance requirements through our unique combination of PCI compliance experience and proactive support.

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