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PCI DSS Compliant Hosting for Payment Processors and Gateways

Providing you with the secure PCI DSS compliant solution you need

Payment processors and gateway vendors are key components of the credit card processing chain. To protect payment card data, there are specific PCI DSS rules that govern any of your transaction processing services and devices that involve the storing, transmitting, or processing of sensitive cardholder data. Further, customizing this technology for integration with your clients can create strong revenue growth opportunities and a strategic connection to those clients. Layered Tech offers a solution for the management of these environments while balancing risk and costs for both you and your client.

Complying with PCI DSS requirements can often be an extensive, costly process, particularly when you are not equipped to manage and implement the IT controls that are necessary. Whatever your role in payment processing, Layered Tech can help ensure your business is compliant.

Delivering full PCI DSS compliance, easily and quickly

Layered Tech's team of compliance and security experts can help you identify the PCI mandates you need to comply with and execute the technical requirements for you. Together with our high-performing PCI DSS compliant hosting solutions, we provide you with continuous business agility and the knowledge that your part in the credit card processing chain is secure and protected.

We not only know the PCI DSS technical security standards and regulations that you need to employ to be compliant, but we also understand the risks associated with your specific business. We can guide you to a level of compliance that will pass any PCI DSS IT audit from the relevant industry or regulatory entity, guaranteed. Plus, our managed Layer 4 PCI compliance services will assure your customers that they are dealing with a vendor they can fully trust.

Why do payment processors and gateways trust Layered Tech for PCI DSS compliant hosting?

With Layered Tech managed PCI compliance services, we help your business become more successful, with benefits such as:

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