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Because we are experts in the technology required to become your PCI compliant host your organization can focus on their mission critical activities.

What is a PCI Compliant Host?

A PCI compliant host serves businesses that store, transmit, and process credit cards and other primary account information. All merchants that accept credit cards, as well as banks and processing organizations that handle credit card information, are required to protect consumer account data from security breaches and identity theft.

The alternative to using the services of a PCI compliant host is to deploy and manage the primary account data environment yourself. Given the costs and burdens of achieving and maintaining PCI compliance, the better option is to hire a PCI DSS hosting provider to do it on your behalf.

Why Hire a Managed Service Provider to be Your PCI Compliant Host?

When you select a managed service provider as your PCI compliant host, you can be assured that your sensitive account data will not fall into the hands of hackers and unauthorized users. These companies are PCI DSS compliant, which means that they follow a stringent set of requirements from the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to protect account data and to ensure that security processes and procedures are consistent. A PCI compliant host also has additional IT controls to further reduce risk.

A managed service provider can help you achieve and maintain PCI compliance by protecting your customers' account data with:

  • Firewalls that prevent unauthorized traffic
  • Encryption whenever account data is transmitted through open, public networks
  • Regular network tests to verify that rigid security controls are applied and working properly
  • Strong passwords and other network security protocols
  • Anti-virus software that provides protection from data corruption and destruction

Hiring a managed service provider as your PCI compliant host also allows you to focus on your core business instead of worrying about keeping up with the latest regulations. You can relax and deliver the high quality products your customers expect and deserve.

Layered Tech is Your Best Choice as a PCI Compliant Host

Layered Tech is an expert in technologies that satisfy industry and regulatory requirements. We live and breathe compliance as a service, meaning that our managed hosting provides the highest level of security in the industry.

Our Layer 4: Compliance Management services include:

  • Client support, ranging from fast alert response and troubleshooting to compliance management
  • Site and system monitoring 24/7, which includes "first-responder" issue escalation
  • Server management, backup job scheduling, and system configuration and reporting
  • Database and network administration, including two-factor authentication for your PCI compliant host environment

We also offer HIPAA hosting and FISMA hosting services.

Learn more about how Layered Tech can serve you as a PCI compliant host.

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PCI Compliant Managed Services

Layer 4 managed services can be applied to any system or network device. Additionally, Layered Tech offers enterprise-level management of your database software (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle) as an add-on to our system management services.

Monitoring is included when you purchase Layer 4 managed services for a system or network device.

Monitoring Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4
Site monitoring and system monitoring services for one hosted site/IP address on your server included included included included
24/7 monitoring and "first-responder" issue escalation included included included included
Issue troubleshooting and remediation   included included included
Customized escalation and remediation procedures     included included
Detailed performance statistics via client portal     included included
Synthetic transactions available for deployment to interrogate system health     included included
File integrity monitoring and remediation services       included