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By adding a PCI compliant server to your Layered Tech secure cloud hosting environment your are able to take advantage of our ultimate scalability.

The Dedicated PCI Compliant Server

With our managed dedicated server solutions, Layered Tech can provide PCI compliance hosting on high-performance Dell servers that are located in a top-tier PCI compliant data center.

To complement our dedicated PCI compliant server solutions, you can add on various enterprise-grade hardware components, such as firewalls and switches. Layered Tech builds secure hosting environments to your specifications, and our ability to respond rapidly to your business needs means that we're prepared to update your environment at any time.

Layered Tech promotes an aggressive hardware refresh cycle at no additional cost to your organization so that you benefit from the most current high-capacity equipment without the capital expenditures that you would otherwise incur.

To make any dedicated server PCI compliant, your organization can utilize Layer 4: Compliance Management, our top tier of client support for industry compliance standards such as PCI compliance.

The Cloud PCI Compliant Server

For clients that prefer Layered Tech's managed cloud hosting environment, you can take advantage of our ultimate scalability by adding a PCI compliant server to your Layered Tech hosted cloud environment, which may be either a fully dedicated private cloud hosting configuration or a shared community cloud environment.

Adding a virtualized PCI compliant server to a hosted cloud is an ideal approach for organizations that need the security of PCI compliance coupled with the easy scalability and elasticity of a cloud platform. This type of PCI compliant server solution can also be a resourceful way to migrate on-premise applications to a hosted cloud environment. Instead of moving all application components to the cloud at the same time, you can move individual parts in a planned migration.

The PCI Compliant Server: Dedicated, Cloud, or Hybrid

With Layered Tech you can choose among multiple PCI compliant server deployment models ranging from one or two dedicated servers on up to an entire virtualized cloud data center. We also support a range of hybrid configurations that combine dedicated servers with cloud resources. With so many options available, Layered Tech doesn't expect you to adopt a fixed or static solution to solve your PCI compliance challenges. We put your organization in the driver's seat, and deliver customized services around your needs.

Learn more about Layered Tech's versatile PCI compliant server offerings.

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PCI Compliant Managed Services

Layer 4 managed services can be applied to any system or network device. Additionally, Layered Tech offers enterprise-level management of your database software (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle) as an add-on to our system management services.

Monitoring is included when you purchase Layer 4 managed services for a system or network device.

Monitoring Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4
Site monitoring and system monitoring services for one hosted site/IP address on your server included included included included
24/7 monitoring and "first-responder" issue escalation included included included included
Issue troubleshooting and remediation   included included included
Customized escalation and remediation procedures     included included
Detailed performance statistics via client portal     included included
Synthetic transactions available for deployment to interrogate system health     included included
File integrity monitoring and remediation services       included