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We have many PCI Compliant solutions available and will help you select the optimal solution for your organization's secure hosting needs.

Steps to Becoming PCI Compliant

Being PCI compliant is critical for every organization that handles sensitive cardholder data for all types of payment cards. If your organization is not PCI compliant, it can incur fines, be subject to litigation, and receive negative publicity. Another casualty may be the loss of key business relationships with other organizations, such as service providers or banks.

To become PCI compliant, your organization must do the following:

  • Have a secure IT infrastructure.
  • Protect personally identifiable cardholder data.
  • Implement methods to prevent and mitigate security threats.
  • Use strict access control.
  • Perform routine monitoring and testing on the IT infrastructure, and audit access to repositories where cardholder information is stored.
  • Have a policy to ensure information security.

A PCI compliant security regimen is both time-consuming and costly to deploy, and puts increased burden on your IT staff. For many organizations, the most efficient way to maintain PCI compliance is to utilize Layered Tech's PCI compliance hosting service. Layered Tech allows your organization to focus on its core business while a dedicated team of our security and compliance experts becomes your PCI compliance service provider.

Layered Tech's PCI Compliant Hosting for Merchants and Vendors

Layered Tech specializes in PCI compliance hosting for:

  • Level 1, 2, and 3 merchants with a high transaction volume (over 20,000 transactions per year).
  • PCI compliant vendors who manage sensitive data for other organizations. Examples of vendors include independent sales organizations (ISOs), banks, card brands, credit or risk management vendors, fraud detection specialists, payment processing agents or gateways, stored value cards, SaaS developers, data warehousing and reporting platforms, and online payment service providers.

When your organization chooses Layered Tech as a managed cloud hosting provider, we will help you select the best PCI compliant solution for your needs so that you can achieve PCI compliance quickly and cost effectively. We have options that range from dedicated hosting and private cloud hosting to community cloud hosting on platforms that are configured for PCI compliance.

Layered Tech's PCI Compliant Guarantee

When you become a Layered Tech PCI compliance hosting client, we guarantee that you will pass every PCI DSS audit or assessment.

Layered Tech is the first PCI compliance service provider in the world to become PCI DSS compliant. Our world-class data centers are designed to meet the strictest industry standards, and our expertise in security and compliance has earned us a direct connection to the three major credit card brand networks. As a Level 1 service provider (the highest status achievable), we'll help you become a PCI compliant organization, and we'll remain an extension of your business as we manage the complexities of PCI compliance for you.

Learn more about Layered Tech can help you become and stay PCI compliant.

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PCI Compliant Managed Services

Layer 4 managed services can be applied to any system or network device. Additionally, Layered Tech offers enterprise-level management of your database software (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle) as an add-on to our system management services.

Monitoring is included when you purchase Layer 4 managed services for a system or network device.

Monitoring Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4
Site monitoring and system monitoring services for one hosted site/IP address on your server included included included included
24/7 monitoring and "first-responder" issue escalation included included included included
Issue troubleshooting and remediation   included included included
Customized escalation and remediation procedures     included included
Detailed performance statistics via client portal     included included
Synthetic transactions available for deployment to interrogate system health     included included
File integrity monitoring and remediation services       included