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Proactive PCI Compliance Hosting Support

With Layered Tech's Layer 4: Compliance Management solution, you gain access to a team of experts, who provide proactive support of your mission-critical PCI compliance environment.


Layered Tech's approach to client support is one of our primary marketplace differentiators. We believe exceptional value lies in providing comprehensive, personalized care to our clients throughout the entire relationship, not just at contract signing. With Layered Tech, you reap the benefits of an entire team of highly skilled technical and client support individuals who understand your business and take ownership in meeting your specific operational and security objectives. This unique team of IT professionals is passionate about achieving service excellence and works around-the-clock to do so.


Your team acts as an extension of your business – managing the complexities of your computing environment and protecting your customers' sensitive data as if it were Layered Tech's own. Each of our client teams is made up of 10-12 individuals, who possess diverse, but complementary, skill sets, such as client service, project management, system, network and database administration, and technical response. All are experts in security and compliance, and they work together to create and support solutions that are the best fit for your compliance needs now and in the future. Led by a team captain, they begin by consulting with you to determine exactly what your business needs are and how Layered Tech can help you achieve your strategic objectives. The team gets to know you and your business. And from there, they design, implement and maintain the desired environment, always with an eye toward future system and security needs – and always in constant communication with you.


"Any type of problem or bug or error – we get immediate, proactive alerting, which is essential for our security needs. This type of approach makes us want to be a Layered Tech customer for years. "
Greg McGraw, President/CEOCRE Secure

With Layered Tech's compliance as a service, not a moment goes by when your environment is not monitored under the watchful eyes of your support team. Should a questionable situation arise, we fix it – before it becomes a problem. If you have an issue, simply call us and we resolve it – on the spot. And when we see additional opportunities to help your business succeed – we call you. You'll find that the same team members work with you on a daily basis, so you will always hear a familiar voice on the phone. For Layered Tech, it's all about being proactive and client-centric, with continuous, effective communication between Layered Tech and you.


At Layered Tech, we get the job done right... and quickly, as well. We will help you achieve your strategic, operational and financial goals more rapidly than any other provider. PCI compliance should not get in the way of cash flow and, with Layered Tech, it won't. Our client support professionals work together to ensure the pieces of your infrastructure come together smoothly, and that your own secure environment is up and running quickly and efficiently – resulting in a more immediate impact on your bottom line.

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