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Compliance Technology Features

Technology that drives guaranteed compliance

With our unsurpassed compliance and security expertise and service, Layered Tech is setting the industry standard for excellence in managed compliant hosting. Only Layered Tech brings this extensive experience together with advanced technology to deliver:

SSAE 16 SOC 1 Data Centers
  • Robust, high performing infrastructure. Layered Tech's enterprise-based infrastructure in our SSAE 16 SOC 1 data centers provides a solid foundation for every cloud and managed hosting solution.
  • High availability, high reliability. To ensure business continuity, we have data centers around the world, from Texas to Tokyo and Atlanta to Amsterdam, with a fully redundant infrastructure with automated failover and offsite data replication.
  • Uniquely tailored solutions. We offer cloud, dedicated, and hybrid solutions, with customizable solutions to meet your compliance and resource needs. If a cloud solution is best for you, we ensure every component you need for compliance and security is dedicated only to you.
  • Flexible scalability. We provide you with the agility to scale your solution incrementally based on your needs now and in the future. Plus, we offer the elasticity you may occasionally require to accommodate seasonal or cyclic needs for extra resources.
  • Seamless recovery. Utilizing a wide range of technologies and engineering expertise, our cost-effective resources and streamlined failover processes improve your business continuity. We offer services, such as mirroring, site recovery management, global load balancing, offsite backup, and customizable run-book policies, that keep you protected and help you recover from a site outage.
  • Superior data integrity and security. When it comes to secure compliance, we are the experts at protecting sensitive data. We have in-depth data security experience, along with the most technologically evolved security tools and processes, which enable us to quickly and smoothly help you achieve and maintain compliance.
  • Unsurpassed compliance expertise. Layered Tech is leading the way in compliant hosting, with advanced managed compliance that is guaranteed to meet any PCI DSS, HIPAA, or HITECH audit or regulatory assessment. We also offer Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with our HIPAA-compliant services for our health care clients.

Plus managed services for part – or all – of your solution

Layered Tech offers a robust portfolio of managed services, giving you choice and flexibility in meeting your compliance management needs. We work with you to create a hosting plan that meets the complexity of your system requirements – and all your compliance requirements. You can offload part of the compliance responsibility, or if your staff can be redirected to other priorities, all of it.

With the technology behind our compliant services, plus our managed services options, you won't find a better compliant hosting solution than right here at Layered Tech.

Learn more about our Layer 4: Compliance Management solution or contact a security and compliance expert using the form below.

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