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Layered Tech offers affordable, scalable database software options for Windows and Linux environments with the reporting, analytic and data management capabilities your enterprise requires.

Which database you choose is a critical piece of your IT equation. High availability, performance and reliability are given success factors, and inherent in every leading-edge Layered Tech database solution.

All of our scalable, affordable database offerings support both Linux and Windows, and include such options as Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and others. With Layered Tech, you can be sure of a well-designed database solution that delivers the best reporting, analytic and data management capabilities for your enterprise's data-intensive applications.

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 is scalable, cost-effective, data management software that helps unlock the power of your company's data assets. Whether you're offering mission-critical, highly available applications or shared hosting solutions, SQL Server 2008 takes affordability, scalability, manageability and programmability to a new level. Four Microsoft SQL Server 2008 editions are designed to meet your Web hosting needs: Web, Standard, Enterprise and Express.

Low total cost of ownership

Through competitively priced SQL Server 2008 database software, you can realize:

Highly scalable

With the Web and Enterprise editions, scale your business with unlimited memory support or database size. SQL Server 2008 supports multiple CPUs: 32 CPUs for Enterprise and four CPUs for Web.

Powerful programmability

Already compatible with popular PHP open-source applications, SQL Server offers built-in support for PHP applications, as well as seamless interoperability with the Microsoft .NET environment. The ADO.NET Entity Framework helps increase developer productivity, and new LINQ extensions revolutionize how developers query data. Also included is support for basic to advanced data types, including spatial, date/time, word documents, videos and images. This helps you meet a variety of customer application requirements.

Business intelligence

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) with built-in business intelligence is included in SQL Server 2008, making it possible to create unique layouts and use the new visualization enhancements to further enrich your reports.

Editions of Microsoft SQL Server 2008

From the basic capabilities needed for a shared hosting platform requiring support for Microsoft .NET and PHP technologies, to the sophisticated needs of a dedicated server, SQL Server 2008 can accommodate your growing data management needs.

SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition

An enterprise-class data platform for your advanced hosted application needs, such as online transaction processing and data warehousing applications.

SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition

A comprehensive data platform that includes a high-performance database engine and business intelligence services. SQL Server 2008 Standard is ideal for:

SQL Server 2008 Web Edition

A low-cost, highly scalable database designed specifically for Web hosting market. SQL Server 2008 Web offers many of the features of SQL Server Standard for a lower cost, but can only be licensed for public-facing websites and applications. With a low monthly licensing price, support for four CPUs, and no limits on memory or database, the Web edition is ideal for:

SQL Server 2008 Express Edition

A version of SQL Server 2008 that meets entry-level database needs. Available by free download.

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