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Load Balancing

Layered Tech offers load balancing services with scalable options that deliver high performance and availability for your internal and external IP client access – at affordable rates.

High Performance

Our load balancing services increase the capacity of your IP servers (such as web servers, FTP servers, and E-Mail servers), sharing the load among a large number of servers and making them function as one large virtual server.

Layered Tech's load balancing services deliver:

High Availability

The failover provisions in our load balancing solutions maximize your IP application availability. If a server in your web farm fails, our load balancing service will automatically bypass the failed server and use the secondary servers.

High Security

Layered Tech can develop and deploy custom solutions to meet your data security compliance needs. Our load balancing solutions can include a number of firewall features to ensure the integrity of your data and protect your server from attacks.

Security features include:

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