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Managed Server Options

With carefully selected components in place for a high-performance, reliable dedicated server solution, now comes the highly critical, yet often underestimated job of managing the environment. And with your staff already at their maximum workload, this is a good time to consider Layered Tech for managed server assistance.

Layered Tech is known for its expert server management capabilities. We take great pride in working alongside our clients to ensure every piece of the "puzzle" fits together well and that each critical element performs to your complete satisfaction – 100 percent of the time.

We offer four levels of exceptional managed services – from the most basic monitoring to the ultimately complex and comprehensive security compliance. To gain the maximum benefit from your managed dedicated server solution, simply tell us how in-depth you'd like our management to go, and we'll step up to the task. As an extension of your own IT team, Layered Tech will work diligently to provide the expert managed server guidance you demand and desire.

Layer 1: Monitoring
Layered Tech oversees your IT systems and sites around the clock, monitoring your network resources and servers for peak performance and availability.

Layer 2: Active Support
For the simpler IT environment, Layered Tech lends basic management support to supplement your own IT staff capabilities.

Layer 3: Full Management
Layered Tech provides proactive, comprehensive service management for your more complex, business-critical solutions and production systems.

Layer 4: Compliance Management
This layer of advanced security support addresses your most complex, stringent data security standards, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA / HITECH or FISMA. Layer 4 managed services enable PCI compliant hosting, HIPAA compliant hosting and FISMA compliant hosting solutions.

Learn More About Managed Dedicated Server Options

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