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Application Performance Management

Monitor and Optimize the Performance of Revenue-Critical Applications

Layered Tech's Application Performance Management (APM) service gives you far-reaching visibility into and control over the performance of complex distributed applications. This managed service monitors performance attributes that directly impact end user experience and makes it easy to identify and diagnose performance bottlenecks within or between application tiers.

With this enhanced control over application performance, owners of complex hosted web applications such as SaaS solutions, payment processing services, or ecommerce sites can:

The Right Combination of Service & Technology

The Layered Tech APM service pairs innovative web application monitoring tools with our expert managed hosting services to provide you an unprecedented degree of control over the performance of complex, distributed web applications.

The Layered Tech APM service is powered by next-generation web application and database monitoring tools from AppDynamics that are designed specifically to provide deeper insight into the performance of multi-tier web applications. Layered Tech sets up the AppDynamics system for your hosted application and then helps you get maximum value from the system:

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Quickly Identify and Pinpoint Performance Issues

With the easy-to-use APM console, it's just a few clicks from high-level end user experience monitoring to zeroing in on the precise cause of performance issues. Troubleshooting is accelerated, so developers can spend less time fixing current service features and more time building new ones. Emerging performance problems can be spotted and resolved proactively, often before they impact your users.

Identify Speedtraps in your Application

End user experience monitoring to identify underperforming transactions is a start. But with most transactions being distributed across multiple application tiers, how can you zero in on a transaction bottleneck? With Layered Tech's Application Performance Management service, end-to-end transaction latency mapping makes it easy to evaluate underperforming transaction types to see exactly where the hold-ups are within your distributed application.

application performance latency monitoring

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