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Server Migration Services

Layered Tech is happy to provide migration assistance in moving your current solution with another provider to your new solution with us.

We'll help with the many aspects of the move, including migration planning, discovery, documentation and execution from either your corporate IT infrastructure or other data center provider to Layered Tech's hosting environment.

Migration Support

Your Layered Tech client support team will work one-on-one with your organization to fully migrate applications, databases, configurations and websites in working order to their new site. This expert team will evaluate your current setup and estimate your migration time, and plan and execute your server migration, providing ongoing communication throughout the process.

Custom Proposal and Server Migration Pricing

Layered Tech's server migration services include a custom quotation and proposal based on the estimated number of hours to complete the project. To project migration costs, Layered Tech collaborates with you to review the server configuration, data and special requirements. This interaction not only provides a more realistic final server migration fee, but it identifies potential areas that could need greater attention when performing the migration. After reviewing your current server, a final project quote will be sent out, which will be the fixed price you pay for your enterprise migration – with no risk of overages.

Most Applications Supported

Every application Layered Tech actively supports will be included in supported applications during server migration. Examples include: Windows 2003 Standard and Enterprise, Windows 2008, CentOS 5.x and RHEL 5.x. In addition, Layered Tech supports most open-source, common applications (e.g., MySQL, PHP and Apache) that are current and on our list of supported configurations. Any other applications will be identified and subject to tech approval during the final quote phase.

Note: Layered Tech will not offer support for legacy operating systems (such as Fedora Core) or outdated applications. We offer assistance with installing applications that deviate from our standard configurations; however administration approval must first be obtained. Once again, Layered Tech does not provide technical support for any item not offered with our standard list of supported applications.

Getting Started

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