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We manage your cloud hosting and compliance for free.

If you have a start-up and serve a regulated industry like healthcare or finance, we have a special offer for you. Sign a three year cloud hosting contract today, and we'll give you a year of free or discounted hosting and compliance.

As a leading provider of secure and compliant cloud hosting, we know the rigors of regulations. We also understand the value of innovation and how much support an emerging business needs, especially in the highly-regulated financial and healthcare industries.

Our highly-secure infrastructure and built-in compliance will give you a scalable platform, so that you can confidently grow your business. We partner with the most security-sensitive businesses, independent software providers and government agencies and serve half of the U.S federal government agencies, two of the three largest credit card networks, and more than 20 payment processors.

Simplify compliance with our PCI- and HIPAA-compliant cloud and services.

Our compliance management services allow you to off-load all IT compliance controls that can be assumed by a service provider. And, we are the only hosting provider to offer a Compliance Guarantee. With Layered Tech managing the entire compliance and audit process, you'll pass every IT audit or assessment or we'll resolve any issues for free.

We pride ourselves as being innovative and like to see good ideas succeed, and entrepreneurs win. Call us or complete the form below to take advantage of our free cloud hosting and compliance management.

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"Being a startup company, it was not possible to foresee all the changes and requirements that would be needed to launch. Layered Tech's willingness to work with us and make adjustments has helped us launch our product and get to market sooner."
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We're partnering with startup incubators and accelerators to create a launching pad for the next class of health care innovators. Here's how it works:

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